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15 Real Estate Video Marketing Tips from Top Industry Influencers

Videos are changing the landscape of so many businesses both in and out of real estate. Despite the benefits seen across the board, so many agents are still reluctant to use video marketing. We want to help everyone realize the visibility, sales, and success you can attain with quality and consistent video content. We have compiled 15 tips from top professionals in real estate to help you get the ball rolling with producing content of your own. These tips have helped grow their business to outstanding heights, and we believe they can do the same for you!


Tip #1 Frequency Creates Familiarity

One of the main components of sales is trust. Potential clients gravitate toward agents they feel confident can help them with their specific needs. The greatest challenge faced by agents is establishing trust before meeting face to face. This is where video content comes in. When you consistently create content, you create the opportunity for visibility. Visibility allows potential clients to become more familiar with you, your values, & your personality; making it easier to establish trust early on. Tom Ferry

Tip #2 Ask Yourself What You Stand For?

Understanding the “why” behind your company is a key component of developing your brand, business, and video Identity. Defining your personal mission encourages you to figure out how to achieve it and what principles you’ll need to establish to do so. These things are all important in deciding who you want to be on camera and how comfortable you’ll be portraying that. The sooner you choose the direction that you want to go in with video, the easier it will be to create content. Tristan Ahumada

Tip #3 Don’t Pay Much Attention to Likes & Comments

This tip may seem counterintuitive, but it may be what’s holding you back. We are conditioned to believe that the more likes we get, the better it is. So when you notice your videos aren’t raking in the likes initially, it can be super discouraging. You have to remember that videos, much like everything else, require practice to get better. The more content you create, the better you’ll get at knowing what your audience enjoys & what you enjoy creating! You must also remember visibility contributes to engagement so if your audience sees you more frequently, you’ll get more interactions! Ricky Carruth

Tip #4 Be Yourself

The goal of using video is to attract more clients, but the type of clients you attract is important too. When potential leads see you, you want them to be drawn to who you are and what you’re offering. This makes developing a relationship with a client easier because they’ll know what they’re getting upfront, personality, and service-wise. Having a mutual understanding & expectations makes your job 1000% easier. Your only job becomes providing the experience the client signed up for, not trying to uphold a false image you created online! Michael Hellickson

Tip #5 Collaborate with Your Community

Not only is this a great chance to get to know your community, but it is also an amazing marketing opportunity. Doing a small business spotlight creates a mutually beneficial relationship between yourself and the owner. The local business will be so thrilled with the content you’ve created for them that they’ll most likely share it with their audience too! You have now opened yourself up to a new and broader audience all with one video (that you could turn into a series.) Kyle Whissel

Tip #6 Articulate Why You Are the Best Option for Them!

Video content creates so many great opportunities to show who you are and what you know. The most important thing you need to convey is what you have to offer. In your market alone there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of agents. It’s your job to stand out from the crowd and walk leads through the experience you plan to provide them. You need to allow clients to determine if your experience lines up with their expectations right out of the gate!  Joshua Smith

Tip #7 Get Good at Telling Stories

“You always want to be the one being observed, not the observer.” Telling great stories is an effective tool to not only entice new audiences but keep them as well. You can do this through various types of video content. Sharing information with your audience, sharing your experiences, and even teaching them things can all be forms of storytelling. Your goal is to captivate your audience by providing a storyline they’re interested in following.  Jimmy Rex

Tip #8 Get Over Your Nerves and Execute

Making video content is all about taking action, but you can do that if you’re too afraid. Fear is one of the biggest things that is stopping agents from benefiting from using video. The sooner you squash your fears of not being good enough, not knowing what to say, or having a bad hair day on camera, the sooner you can begin executing. Your videos are never going to be perfect, even when you’re a pro, so don’t wait for them to be, to post. If your information is compelling and you’re genuine you’ll attract the right clientele!  Dan Lesniak & Keri Shull

Tip #9 Think of the Intangible ROI

One way to become easily discouraged is if you’re counting only monetary or tangible returns. Ideally, all the time and money we spend on videos will be rewarded with clients and sales right out of the gate, but this isn’t always the case. If you are making videos solely to make money, this may be an immediate deal-breaker. That’s why intangible ROI’s are important too! You can’t quantify things like video editing, or storytelling skills, but there are definitely benefits you’ll gain from investing in video marketing.  Chelsea Peitz

Tip #10: Focus on the Customer

Although you’ll be the star of most of your videos, you must know they aren’t about you. Every piece of content you make must be made with your audience in mind. It’s not just enough to make the content you enjoy, you have to make content your audience enjoys as well (if you market to the right audience this should come easily.) Keep this in mind when combating stage fright related to being on video. Remember, your audience isn’t judging you so much as they’re trying to judge whether your services are a good fit for them! Steve Pacineli

Tip #11 Don’t Just Tell People What You Do, Show Them

Using videos is all about creating familiarity and trust, but you can’t do this by just making promises on camera. You have to provide your audience with a sense of security that you can follow through with what you’re promising them BEFORE you even get started. Luckily this can be accomplished through video! A great way to back up your claims is with testimonials from a satisfied client or by even sharing information to show you’re knowledgeable about your market. Krista Mashore

Tip #12 Hook, Intro, Summary, Future Pace…A Recipe for a Great Video

It is your job to capture the attention of your audience, within the first couple of seconds of your video. You can secure interest at the beginning of the video by asking a question or using a hook line to reel them in! Once you have their attention you can begin to let them know who you are, what you have for them, and even offer them a bonus for sticking till the end. This structure keeps your audience intrigued from start to finish. Jon Cheplak

Tip #13 It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Creating attention-grabbing content is the ultimate goal when producing videos. Regardless of how important something is or how many times you say it, it won’t stick if it doesn’t resonate with your audience. Test out filming in different locations, use emotion and inflection when you speak, or even use shocking statistics & information! If you find your audience isn’t responding to what you’re saying, you may need to evaluate how you’re saying it.  Mike Cuevas

Tip #14 Avoid the Sales Pitch

Fostering trust with your videos is important. Believe it or not, you can convince people you’re the right match for them without directly mentioning it. Sharing knowledge in a casual way, without directly selling them, allows your audience to choose for themselves what they want to do. Allowing your audience to choose strengthens the relationship out of the gate because they feel as though they’ve made the decision based on their own merit. This method also gives the impression that you are genuinely there to help, making you appear more trustworthy. – Karin Carr

Tip #15 Get in Front of New Leads Immediately

The average buyer or seller does business with the first agent they talk to 72% of the time. If you can build a relationship with your prospect faster than anyone else in your community, statistically speaking the odds are in your favor. You may understand how video can help you do that but you may not understand just how fast video remarketing can help you do it. When leads come into your database, your brand should consume their newsfeed with relationship-based video content. You’ll be shocked by how much this one strategy will increase your conversion.  Grant Wise


Each of these tips came from a series of interviews where each one of these influencers laid out all of their secrets, strategies, and more for helping you understand how to take your business and brand to the next level using video marketing. You can watch all of these interviews at the Video [RE]Marketing Summit.


None of this information is useful if you don’t use it so make sure you take action on one of these tips and continue to develop more influence in your local community!