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January 15, 2021

The Path to Achieving Big Goals with Focus with Setema Gali Jr.

Setema is an Entrepreneur, Coach to Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Pro-Athletes. He is a Best-Selling Author of Winning After the Game, as well as a speaker and influencer. He played football for BYU and ended up in the NFL for a small time, winning a Superbowl with the Patriots. He read Rich Dad, Poor Dad (over and over!) and it changed his way of thinking about entrepreneurship. He went through a rough season during the 2008 economy crash, and from there he began turning it around, and helping others to do the same. “My mission today is to unleash human potential, and help those humans maximize their performance in the world; how they live and what they do.”

He uses Facebook marketing to hook in clients who need coaching, help them build their principles, and reorient their entire life from their faith, family, to their business. “Everyone wants to quit the first night, like, ‘What did I pay for?” The work is hard, but they help people bridge the gap they need to to be successful. “I help people to get unstuck and get aligned… to get the desired result.” What is getting in the way from them growing and being successful? It’s about figuring that out and getting past it!

Setema says, “I’m not a cookie cut coach where I teach ‘this model’ and then it’s ‘see you later!’” If you want to leave the past in the past and create from where they are, you have to become a greater version of yourself or a version of yourself you haven’t become yet. Some clients want to talk about the past, but many want to move forward and begin progress. It starts with asking simple, powerful questions. If you ask powerful questions you are going to get powerful answers. He always starts with “Where do you NOT want to be?” because for most people that is easy! He explains, “Once we take what they don’t want we just flip it to the opposite.” Many want financial freedom, but he pushes them to define and figure out what “financial freedom” means for them. What does that look like? What is the number? It is often difficult for people to articulate at first because they base their goals on their current situation and what they know. “Many can’t fathom making 500k, so as a coach I have to paint a picture of some possibilities,” Setema says.

Many people think it’s all about getting up, going to work, paying the bills, and coming back home. “You want to be clear about the lifestyle you want to live, not just the money- where you work, how often you travel, what you do… and once we help people start getting clear about that then they really want it!” He explains.

After they help clients get clarity on the future they want the next step is to get committed to it; Setema has fun helping people create new possibilities. He has clients that started at 300 pounds and wanted to find health; they have had people who were on the verge of divorce with papers and they burned them and now they are happily married. Casting a vision gets people pumped and connected with why they want it and then the next step is figuring out how to get there.

They have a model called “The Path”, which is a 12-week program with a tangible outcome/goal:

  1. Declare what you want
  2. Define what is required to make your goal and write it down
  3. Decide if you’re willing to do the required actions to get where you want
  4. Create a version of you that is consistent and congruent with creating the intended result
  5. Commit every day to doing what is required to achieve your goal
  6. Complete your goal

Many want to go from step 1 to 6, but there are steps in between that are necessary to really achieve what you want. Commitment is a way of being, not something you just do. It is also not willpower; that wears off. Commitment is something you do every day to get you where you want.

To keep yourself committed, Setema has 3 steps:

  1. Reset daily by looking at what you’ve done; this might look like meditating, working out, having a coach, playing with your kids, taking your spouse out to dinner.
  2. Ask yourself ‘What is the thought I am believing that is causing me to drift?’
  3. Stay focused and get the job you need to done so that you can focus on home and family life.

There is a time to grind, but at some point you have to ask yourself whether that is your goal and what you want from life. Most people are going to say that something else is their objective. “You don’t want to find yourself busting yourself up to climb a ladder only to realize when you get at the top that it was leaning against the wrong wall,” Setema explains.

He says, “The greatest investment you make, aside from investing in yourself as a business leader, is in your home.” You don’t have to sacrifice your marriage, fitness, or spirituality in order to be successful; you can have it all! “My business thrives when my home and spiritual life are in alignment.” Momentum is big, because we have a natural resistance daily to get up and do what needs to be done. When you have that momentum, you have to ride it and press into it.

Setema’s coaching principles are all about a dimensional balance of work, home, and spirituality, “If you can stay balanced you can weather any storm.” Strong people respond, weak people react. You have to build muscle memory to make small progressions and eventually quantum leaps without the excuses or impulsive reactions. “Sometimes when you’re ready to go quantum, the people around you aren’t… there is a large gap and it might be easy for you, but you have your spouse, children, and whoever else… get them to rise with you!”

Connect with Setema Gali at www.setemagali.com
You will find his Instagram, podcast, and other ways to help you find transformation in your life.