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Luke is President of Reminder Media. Graduated with a degree in computer science. He started a website business after college called Next Mark with his brother for four years. He realized you can have a great product, but you have to know sales and marketing, so he spent the next few years honing in those skills. His uncle, who was a mentor to Luke, had a business called Reminder Media, and they eventually joined forces 10 years ago. They started with 40-50 employees and now have 220 employees. Last year they worked with 38k Real Estate Agents and have expanded out to businesses. Grant jumped into a conversation with Luke to hear what he had to say about how he built out such a successful marketing business.

“There’s a huge problem… especially with real estate agents because they’re not nurturing their data-base, they’re not nurturing their client-base,” Luke explained, “When you look at how many times you’ve nurtured them, followed up with them, had a phone conversation with them, you’re falling short.”

One of the biggest problems agents face, however, is conversion. There are endless amounts of leads and people to convert, but people are failing to do so. What they need to lean into is “Speed to lead”, which is how fast are you getting in touch with the lead that comes in the door, especially with their internet websites. they think they’re purchasing that lead with the person who comes to the door; but the research shows that 75% of the first agent who gets an interview gets the lead. You have to be fast.

“When people get a call from you as an agent, they see you as Corporate America, so in order to personalize, you can send a video and send it because it humanizes you instantly to these people and you’re just a person in their community,” Luke explains.

The second problem that Agents face is they quit too early. “NEVER QUIT!” He says. Reminder Media has 100 sales reps on the floor each day and they know they have a 46% closing rate when they call their leads 2-9 times a day; if they push it out an extra day, it goes up 19%. Most sales reps don’t follow up more than 2 times because they don’t want to be in the “annoyance phase”, but you have to call more to get into the “respect phase” where people say, “Your follow up is UNBELIEVABLE!”

“You could also call it ‘speed to relationship’, because the quicker you can build a relationship with a client- a real human connection- the better,” explains Grant, “Wherever lead came from is where you’re going to build a relationship and it’s where they want to respond to you; whether that’s Facebook, Instagram DMs, LinkedIn, etc.”

Luke explains, “I do a voice message on LinkedIn… or on Instagram I do a video message! On Facebook, I’ve started responding with video messages and it gets people to know me more, it’s not just a reaction, it makes it more personal.” Grant agrees, “The more you can humanize yourself to whatever prospect you may be working with the easier it is to build a relationship with someone. Your brand is your relationship with the marketplace.”

So how do you have a successful marketing system? Luke explains three things he believes help you to do this:

  1. You have to have a marketing system that will consistently keep you in touch with someone. You have to be consistent! You can’t do too many follow ups, but you can do too little.
  2. You have to have frequent impact; impact is what creates memorability and makes people want to reciprocate something back to you. What do my recipients want to receive? Take your CRM and ask yourself: Do I know my client’s family, job, hobbies, and dreams? If you know these things, or certain pillars of these things, you can have a decent relationship with them. Go to their profiles, comment, and check in. It is impactful! It’s personal and relevant to them and tells them you know who they are and that you care.
  3. You have to brand yourself as the authority and expert of your field- which for you is real estate. This means sharing relevant educational material, what is happening in their neighborhood, what houses around them are worth, whether it is a good time to buy or sell, and giving them social proof and client testimonials that solidifies that you know what you’re talking about.

If you realize these three components are so important, and that building relationships are so important, you’ll realize that you won’t ever have to worry about going to the closing table again because you have so many people who want to connect and do business with you. “You don’t see Elon Musk comparing his product against the competitions product, and that is one of the biggest mistakes we make when building a brand,” Luke explains.

There are too many people trying to work with everyone, and you can solve that by becoming a specialist within the industry. “If you can become a specialist and focus on serving a specific group, you can brand for that certain group of people,” Grant explains.  If you become a specialist, you will never negotiate a price point ever again.

“The product is not the house, YOU ARE!” Luke says that he learned from Michael Hecklson, “Your brand is so important. Your tribe is your vibe. Don’t try to please everybody, focus on what makes you special, and then translate that to the relationships you have and the value you bring to people.”

“Controversy drives more tension and engagement,” Grant says as Luke adds in, “Brittney Spears says ‘There’s no bad press! The more disruptive you can be in the feed, the more attention you will receive.’” Don’t go out there and be confrontational if that’s not your style, but if you know your customer, you have more freedom to express more controversial material to raise social engagement. The more you can go out there and connect in these different ways, the more success you’re going to have.

“Build relationships, solve relationships, have fun while you’re doing it!” Luke says about advice he received from Shawn Carpenter, his mentor.

Luke believes there is no magic media for producing content. Reminder Media produces postcards and digital and mail out magazines, as well as email marketing. They also curate local happenings so that agents know what is happening and provide 66 touch points for their clients. During the pandemic, they’ve been doing virtual events. They basically do everything except for the relational touch point side of business!

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