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A CRM That Does the Heavy Lifting For You with Eleni Sommershield

Eleni Sommerschield’s the chief operating officer at Wise Agent. She has a degree in computer science. She is a developer and programer, she’s been in the computer development field for 10 years.

Her goal is to build the best CRM program out there. Wise Agent is a CRM for real estate agents for contact management, and other components such as drip campaigns, video texting, call lists to stay up-to-date on your follow ups. They also have monthly newsletters that customers can send out as a postcard and the capability to send up to 2,500 emails per day.

They have a lead automation system that will help you automatically respond to any lead that you gain online.

Wise Agent is $29 per subscriber, you can have up to 5 agents using that account.

One area that agents struggle is that leads comes in from multiple sources and then they don’t know what to say or do with those leads. You want to have a good flow and you want to know where they’re coming from. If a lead came from a FB ad, you don’t want to direct them to your Facebook page, you want to direct them to your website or Instagram. Wise Agent helps you filter through these leads to make sure they are being directed to next best step. You can put them on different drip campaigns and test out what works best with different leads.

The most important thing with any lead is asking them, “Hey, I’d love to follow up with you, when is a good time to talk?” That call-to-action is critical. Give them a reason to respond to your email or message.

If you have a partial lead- a name and email- Wise Agent can search Facebook, LinkedIn, or basically any public information on this lead so that you can have as much information as you need so that you can know what they’re looking for in a future home.

Wise Agent can also pull Equifax information from leads so you can know their financial status. The information that they take from public online information can tell you if they’ve recently made a big life change like marriage, a new baby, and so on so that you know when they might be considering a move.

You can search on Wise Agent for a high propensity to move or a FICO score so you can know which leads to follow up with at that time.

Witly is integrated with Wise Agent, so it gives Witly the ability to create custom targeted audiences to fire off to, so not only is the agent following up because of the strategic analytics from Wise Agent, they also have Witly who is targeting them towards you as an agent.

Contact Wise Agent:

Wiseagent.com/witly sign up and get a 14-day trial and a “Getting Started Session”, including content and drip campaigns