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How to Stay Top-Of-Mind with Clients with Sean Carpenter

Sean Carpenter has spent 21 years in real estate. He grew up in Columbus, OH and then went on to University of Florida. After college Sean was a golf pro for 3 years. He actively sold real estate for 4 years and then became a branch manager. He soon realized he had a passion and talent for speaking, and started Sean Speaks, talking about how to be a successful real estate agent and take care of your customers.

There are three main things Sean teaches: Building relationships, solving problems, and having fun, “Everything else will take care of itself if you do those three things!”

So how do you have fun in the industry today when there are so many moving parts?

“You choose a good attitude. If you don’t put your feet on the floor in the morning and decide to have a good day it’s all down-hill from there,” Sean explains, “Having fun with your family, your clients, your peers- and knowing that not every conversation has to be about real estate.

Having fun ties into the types of clients that I want to find. Finding who your audience wants to be- there are so many opportunities to find the right person why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?”

Grant agrees, “If you try to work with everyone, you work with no one.”

Every person is unique, it’s not the agent’s job is to have something in common with the client, we are all different, so it isn’t necessary to put a label on them. It all boils down to who are they at their base- are they a buyer, seller, or investor?

“Building relationships is really building top of mind awareness, so that when people think about real estate, they think of me,” says Sean.

The game has really changed since Sean first started back in real estate in 2016. He has seen the market change and the need to adapt. “There is instant demand because

    can get information and answers quicker. The social media aspect, and the fact that almost everything we do happens through the phone in our hand means we have to think differently to the consumer through the small screen and how we are capturing their attention.”

    If I Sean can earn your trust, he believes he can earn your attention- and that process is cyclical. He believes in three C’s to earning the client’s trust:

    COMPETENCE- how good am I at what I do
    CONFIDENCE- your answers, body language, eye contact is confident
    CONSISTENCY- how consistent are you?

    Most agents work more in business support DOING but not making the touches that need to be made in order to stay top-of-mind; if you only focus on business support there is soon no business. Agents should be spending a portion of their day on business development.

    There are some simple ways Sean makes sure he is Developing his Business each morning before working on the business support roles:

    – 5 handwritten notes, some of these might be thank you notes
    – Hot sheets- see what new listings have hit the market and call clients about these listings that are in the area of the listing
    – Happy birthdays to clients that day
    – High fives- 5 likes, comments, retweets, and texts on the SM platforms

    Grant explains that agents get hyper-focused on cold-calls and the ‘doing’, but “You don’t have to ask for the business, you just have to stay top-of-mind by caring about people. Not all wins in business are monetary. It’s not always this tool called money that is going to drive your success.”

    Sean has a blog with almost a thousand posts, and he shares knowledge to help other agents learn how to build their business and build relationships.

    Contact with Sean on:

    Twitter @Seancarp
    Instagram @seancarp
    Blog seancarpenter.com