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June 5, 2018
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January 9, 2019

Uploading A Custom List For Facebook Ads

Hey guys. Grant here and excited to jump in and show you guys how to create some targeted audiences at your custom list. So this can be a customer list. This could be a lead list. There’s a number of different ways that you can do it, but you want to get into your Ads manager and you want to go your All Tools and you want to click on Audiences. And from that you want to click on Audience or Create Audience.

And you would create a custom audience. And you can do it a few ways. You can do it based on a customer file website traffic, app activity, offline activity or engagement. What I’m gonna show you guys how to do is how to do this with a customer profile. So let’s say you have a list of leads or you’ve got a list of all the past customers you worked with your entire life or whatever that looks like for you. You want to import this. SO we’re gonna add a customer file from data that we already have and you can import it from other areas, but we’re gonna add in from a file that we already have and Facebook will ask you to agree to some terms just to make sure their clients are safe.

And these are some of the parameters/identifiers that you can utilize based on Facebook’s current state. This used to be a lot less information. Now you can put in more information. And then you can … you need to select where this data came from. So from customers and partners, directly from customers, from partners. So partners would be as it says advertiser’s source information directly from their partners. What we’re gonna talk about is people that were directly customers of ours. So we’re gonna click Upload File and I’m gonna find an old file of leads that needs to be in either a .csv file or a .txt file. Give me one moment while I grab the file that I was gonna work.

I’ll just use this .csv right here. And you can also copy and paste so if you didn’t have all that information and you just wanted to copy and paste you can click right here, Copy and Paste, and you can put that in place. And you can name it whatever it is that you’d like to name it. I’m gonna add Test right here just because this is the test demonstration just for you guys. And hit Next. And it’s going to … this is some other personal information. So there’s information that you wouldn’t upload, information that you would upload and we’re gonna make sure that we upload basically just their emails. WE’re gonna click Upload and Create. And it looks like there are six unmapped filters or identifiers in your file.

We’re gonna make sure that we upload it anyway even though we are not uploading a specific portion of data, right? So we knew that weren’t gonna upload all that, but we uploaded the emails that we were trying to upload. And then we’re gonna click Done. So as you can see, and that list was fewer than 1,000 people, we have a list now that’s uploaded and they’re continuing to update the audience size of this, which is fewer than 1,000. And that’s okay.

But the reason that we would upload this and the reason that we would leverage this is to do a few things. So you can create a look alike audience based on that customer profile. And this is not gonna give me this profile I don’t believe yet. But let’s say we … and I think you have to go country by country. Right. Country by country. So we went in and we want to create a look alike audience. So say we had a customer profile, people that we had done business with in the past, and we wanted to go out and create a customer profile or a look alike audience of people that match those profiles.

So Facebook is basically gonna say, “Okay, this guy has all this data right here. So we need to go find the customers that are most likely matched to his existing customer base.” So we hit Create Audience and Facebook then goes to work building out a custom audience. And then when you go to target an advertisement, you can click on this Look Alike Audience and then narrow it down. And what you’d be working with is a list or a group of people that most closely matches or identifies with the list that you originally updated, which is awesome.

But one of the main things that I would leverage this list for is retargeting or remarketing. Say you want to stay in touch with those customers that you used to work with or you want to stay top of mind to your referral partners, there’s no better way then to target an advertisement for pennies on the dollar to this list right here of people that you could do business with or that you have done business with. You want to keep your content in front of them. There’s so many different things that you can do. Or people who have come through your lead sources. Now, there’s definitely easier ways to remarket lead sources and I’m gonna go into that later, but today I just wanted to kind of show you how you could upload a custom list of people that you could do business with or maybe that you have done business with and then kind of show you how you can come in here and being to create an ad that is strategically targeting this group of people.

And again, there’s all types of things that you could remarket these people to. My advice would be if you are remarketing, maybe your referral partners or past clients, leverage relation-based content or video-based content that continues to let people know that you are the authority in the space, you’re still around, you’re still doing business, you’re staying top of mind. And people will see that and they will continue to tag people they know that are looking to buy or sell. They’ll continue to refer you business. They’ll continue to send you different pieces of information on different prospects or clients that you might be able to work with.

So this is a great way to stay top of mind. And it’s a way that we leverage very consistently to market to our email list through Facebook as well to market to past clients or build big gigantic audiences based on clients that we actually do business with right now. There’s a number of ways that you guys could leverage this and my goal here today was just to make sure you understood how. So if you want to create a custom list of people that you can market to, that’s exactly how you do it and I hope you do. Thanks guys.