Uploading A Custom List For Facebook Ads
January 9, 2019
How to effortlessly use the Facebook pixel to generate Real Estate leads
January 9, 2019

How to Create a Tiered Targeted Audience on Facebook

Ever wish you were getting higher quality leads from Facebook ads?


Learn how we “tier” an audience to create hyper targeted leads within our Facebook ads.


The first thing you want to ensure you have is a checklist of relevant Real Estate targeting terms that you can use like I have here. In my example, I’m targeting a community near me which is Rogers, Arkansas.


The first tier will consist of interest like homes.com, realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, and Real Estate Broker.


To create your first tier, you will start typing those out. Once done we will have our first tier is now in place.


Now to create our second tier as it says right here, you would click the “narrow” text under tier one. We would click “narrow audience”. Then we begin to enter tier two which is FHA Insured Loan and other relevant terms from our checklist. There are quite a few of these terms you can use. For example: Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Calculator, Mortgage loans, Mortgage bank, real estate, and so on.


What we are doing is further defining an audience so that people “must match” the terms we’ve provided them. This way, we are focusing only on prospects with the Facebook platform that not only have in interest in Real Estate but are further into the process.


That’s how you tier and audience, and of course, you can still exclude people if you would like to simply by clicking the “exclude” link and typing in real estate as a job title, real estate broker, real estate broker as a job title, real estate manager, some of those different terms, and that exclusion list is right here.


When you do this you’ll ensure you’re marketing to people in the market for homes and not people looking to “sell” (your competition) more homes.


Use this in your next Facebook ad to get higher quality leads from Facebook!