How to effortlessly use the Facebook pixel to generate Real Estate leads
January 9, 2019
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January 21, 2019

Creating a Retargeting Audience Based on Facebook Ad Engagement

It’s important to know how to continually “touch” people socially based on what ads they are engaging with from your business. I’m going to show you how to create a retargeting audience based on users who have engaged with your content.

To get started you’ll want to go into your tools within Facebook and click on “Audiences”. Once you’re in you’ll click “create audience”, and then “custom audiences”. When you get in it’s going to ask you how would you like to do this? You can do it through CSV file, a customer file that you upload, website traffic. You can link this to your website, and it’ll track some of the pixel activity, App activity, offline activity. And lastly you can select “Engagement” which is what I’ll be showing you how to do.

And Facebook continues to advance this, but you can market or re-market people that have watched a specific amount of time of your video. People that have engaged with your lead form. If you have full experience ads, you can create a list of people that have opened any of those things. People that have interacted with your Facebook page, your Instagram profile, or people that have interacted with an event.

We use a lot of video engagement, and we use a lot of lead form activity.

Let’s say that we’re running a lead ad to collect leads, maybe through a home’s list offering, or home value offering. You would click the lead form section. We would then ask Facebook to create an audience of anybody who has opened this form or people who have opened but didn’t submit. So, if somebody clicks on it but they didn’t submit the form, you could run another ad retargeting them that says, “Hey, you forgot to complete your form,” or whatever, “So you could access these amazing benefits.”

If people have opened and submitted, you could run a retargeting ad that maybe starts hammering them with different types of relationship based content. You can also select how far back you’d like Facebook to continually track this for you. A

Once we select out form we would create an audience and Facebook will go to work and help us market to these people. Once Facebook has completed building the audience we can create an ad using this audience, and we can, like I said, re-market to them in specific ways.

I would be as specific as you possibly could, so if they interact with your form but didn’t complete it, I would run a retargeting advertisement that was a lead generation ad.

There are many ways you can begin to market to people who have interacted with your lead forms or videos and I hope you’ll begin to play around with them so you can further engage the leads that are engaging with you!