January 15, 2021

Getting Into the Wholesale Game | Episode 90

David Dodge is a Real Estate Investor in St. Louis, Missouri. He wrote a book called The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate. His business has […]
January 11, 2021

How to Stay Top-of-Mind | Episode 89

Sean Carpenter has spent 21 years in real estate. He grew up in Columbus, OH and then went on to University of Florida. After college Sean […]
January 8, 2021

Introducing Client Generation Podcast

We want you to know that we are changing the name of the podcast to the Client Generation Podcast. Over the years, we have discovered what it […]
January 1, 2021

A CRM That Does The Heavy Lifting For You | Episode 87

Eleni Somershield’s the chief operating officer at Wise Agent. She has a degree in computer science. She is a developer and programer, she’s been in the […]