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Story Telling = Conversion with Michelle Berman | EP 103

Michelle Berman is CEO of Berman Media PD and founder of the Instagram Power Method. Michelle was an athlete her entire life and decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship in 2015 as a 23-year-old. She decided a few years later to hire a coach and flew to England to spend some time working on a business plan, and when she came back, she had to make some huge shifts into the real estate world, included firing everyone that wasn’t in the real estate space. 

She is the founder of the Instagram Power Method. It is born from the idea to help people reverse the thought that they have to hire out content creation and social media marketing and equip them with the skills to do it themselves. 

“People are so scared to niche down… maybe people outside of that niche won’t reach out to them anymore and in conjunction with that, they think they are too old with the platform because it’s for the younger people. So, it is those two things. People are paralyzed by progress and trying to take action, and its actually going to make it harder for them to get business,” Michelle explains. 

One way that you can use social media as a tool for your business according to Michelle is to solve problems or issues that your clients have or maybe didn’t even know they had, “What are some of the common questions they have come to you with?”

When you are creating content, telling a story is very important, “Telling a story equals conversion,” Michelle says. You see a just sold or listed and the agent communicates how excited they are, but they don’t tell the story of the buyer or seller. “If you focus on the actual experiences and having these characters that you’ve worked with [you’ll tell a story]. We want to feel that we went through their feelings and experiences.  If you can put that in a short caption without being long-winded, you’re going to win.”

Where the magic happens when it comes to telling these stories is in Instagram Stories. You can be vulnerable and willing to connect with your audience. You can get in your car when you’re on your way from a showing and explain how a listing went successfully despite a couple who had terrible credit months ago and they are still finding a home through you. The content doesn’t have to be perfect, and stories allow people to connect with you on an emotional level in spite of you holding your phone and taking an impromptu video. 

If you would like to connect with Michelle you can reach her on Instagram @BermanMediaSocial