Words of [Wise]dom is a show designed to inspire you to become a better leader so you can win in all areas of your life.

On this podcast we interview the most influential people in the world to uncover how they became the best to help you understand how you can become the best.

Leadership & Grit Mindset with Veronica Figueroa | EP.3

Veronica attributes a lot of her success to being around really great people from the very beginning. When she has come up against trials, she has […]

Following the Vision for Your Happiness with Carla Araujo | EP. 2

Carla runs coaching and training programs with agents and women. She has been in business for 17 years with various businesses since the age of 23 […]

Create Opportunities For Success with Evan Luthra | EP. 1

Evan is 26 years old and already has an amazing success story. He is an agent investor and entrepreneur; he uses technology to solve problems in […]