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Video Basics for a Changing Market with Business Video School

Business Video School got started when guests Nick and Jeff met and started exchanging ideas about building a school to start teaching business owners how to use video in their marketing strategy. 

Video is important because it helps you differentiate and stand out from other professionals in your field. It allows you to get in front of your audience, be authentic, and share what you are doing in your day-to-day business and life. 

Videos are a powerful tool and they work. “Humans never evolved with the use of video,” Nick explains, “We evolved with the idea of speaking face-to-face with people… the only thing our human brains can comprehend when we see a person on a video is that they are an actual person having a conversation with us- and that is insanely powerful!”

The impact of seeing that video in your brain means you can build relationships with as many people as you want, whenever you want. All you have to do is create videos and put them out there. “If we can solve the conversion problem by getting in front of prospects as soon as they become leads- that is what video does!” Grant says.

People can start using video as a marketing tool by allowing leads and prospects to access who you are through your videos without meeting you face-to-face. Audiences get to know you without actually getting to know you.

Some of the platforms that you can use to put your video content out there are Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can cross-post the videos you create because you will ultimately tap into different audiences on those different platforms. The more content you create, the more people are going to see you! You want to be sharing content to the platforms that you are spending time on and where your audience is. If you aren’t engaged on a platform, you aren’t interacting with the audience there.

When you are thinking about creating videos, simple is better. You can do a selfie style video, and if you want to up your video quality you can use a tripod to stabilize the video. Other than that, you really don’t need much else. 

The most effective way to get to the next level once you are comfortable with simple videos is to address the financial aspect of it. You don’t want to buy equipment or hire a videographer when it doesn’t really directly solve a problem that you’ve run into in your business. If you decide you want to shoot videos walking down the street, you can invest in a gimble, which self stabilizes as you move. The bottom line is this: think about your ideal customers and what is needed for your business to continue to grow. 

“If you can find your passion that overlaps with [your audiences’] you will find your sweet spot.” You don’t want to be too focused on the style of shooting before you have a really clear idea of what you want to be talking about and sharing. Define what it is you are most passionate about and talk about it. Make yourself the expert in that specific area. People always have two pillars that you can talk about: personal life and work. If you can find two other areas to share and become an expert on, then people begin gravitating towards you. 

While your passions are going to drive your content, you also have to consider your audience. For example, if your audience is an average of twice your age it is something you have to consider. If a passion isn’t going to resonate with enough people, focus on other passions that will. Because granular targeting and retargeting is now possible, you have to especially be in tune with who your audience is.

“Shift your mindset to turn on your camera more often. Everything that is happening every single day is an opportunity to share real life,” Jeff explains.

Business Video School services offer a lot of valuable assets. The first thing they send out to customers is a script for a video idea, instructions on how to create it, assets needed to create it, and they even write the copywrite for you.  


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Check them out to see how they add a ton of value to video marketing!

You can also view their website at https://www.bizvideoschool.com/