Welcome to the 21 Day Lead Challenge

Do You Want To?

  • Generate real estate leads on demand from Facebook ads?
  • Build a predictable and scalable business FAST as the result of consistent closings?
  • STOP traditional marketing practices: door knocking, cold calling, mailing systems?
  • STOP buying leads from Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com?
  • Become your own lead company?

How Does It Work?

  1. We’re going to give you access to our training site. We’ll show you step-by-step how to set up a Facebook ad; how to set up a lead capture page; how to put automated systems in place.
  2. You’ll have 48 hours from the moment you create your account on our training site to launch your first ad.
  3. You’ll have 21 days to generate 100 leads or more.

What you will receive:

Core Training

  • Training #1: How to implement the Billionaire Real Estate Offer as a Facebook ad. Generate leads on-demand.
  • Training #2: How to create lead capture pages to turn Facebook traffic into leads. Highly converting pages means more leads for the same money.
  • Training #3: How to set up automatic email responses to ensure each lead has the proper follow-up. More communication means more clients. Email automation program.

Special Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Conversion Training – Ready to use phone scripts, text scripts, and video scripts so you know exactly what to say to your prospects. The guesswork is done. ($1,395 value)
  • Bonus 2: Lifetime access to the 21-day challenge training program and future training updates. ($199)
  • Bonus 3: “Hot Seat” marketing critique recordings Watch us audit our Modern Agent Mastery students’ marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to see some of the most successful Facebook campaigns being run in the industry today. ($1,486 value)
  • Bonus 4: 24/7 Team and Community Support in private Facebook community. Get your questions answered from master agents using these strategies. Keep moving forward. ($1,680)

What's the prize?

If you can successfully generate 21 leads in 100 days:

  • You’ll have proven that you can make 2017 your most lucrative real estate sales year yet. All you’ll need to do is repeat the process that we’ve shown you. You’ll have the knowledge. You’ll have the training.
  • We will give you exclusive bonus training to show you how to market your listings on Facebook so that they sell even faster. That means more commissions in your pocket faster.



Commit to doing things the right way with was us by your side and take back your time, money, and life.