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Shivani Peterson is a 2020 top-producing loan officer at All Western Mortgage. She has been in the industry for nine years and has done a phenomenal job with video marketing. She is the first woman to become a top producer in her company. 

In 2018 she started using social media to grow her business and realized that it was time for a few changes if she wanted to be a top producer. Shivani explains, “We want to dominate this, but we don’t want to do it the same way. We are sick of asking realtors for their business. We want to start generating the business ourselves and passing it down. So, we decided to use social media to tell people who we were. We feel like we are the best in our markets, but we need people to know that. and what easier way to tell them than on social media.” She adds that no one was using video in the mortgage industry yet, and she saw it as an opportunity to connect with people. 

When asked how implementing video marketing changed her business, Shivani explains, “If I can use my social media to show people who I am really. Then the kind of people who are going to reach out to me as a response to these content pieces are probably people I’m going to get along with.” Shivani explains how she sat down and figured out what her mission was, and started creating content from there. The first result she noticed was that people could recognize her and knew who she was, and then eventually, it evolved into leads coming straight to her. She went from real estate agents connecting her with their clients to recommending agents to her clients. 

“When I sat down and thought about my mission, the thing I enjoyed most was educating people. So then I knew right away that I’m going to make my content educational, not sales-y.” She reiterates the importance of creating valuable content and constantly thinks about ideas that come up in her everyday life and how she can transform those into content pieces to educate people. She is not focused on being an “Instagram influencer” but instead focuses on the value she brings and not letting the people who follow her forget what she can do for them. 

“I always put out content that I feel like is really reflective of who I am. So that when they call me, they’re going to be interacting with the same person who they saw on the video. I use the Witly platform to boost my videos and to capture leads, and it’s really, really effective.” Before using Witly, she did not understand the effectiveness of targeted ad campaigns, and since using the platform has had to hire a junior loan officer to help with all of her leads. 

If you would like to connect with Shivani, you can find her on Instagram and YouTube @ShivPeter