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January 22, 2021
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Optimizing Your Time and Business Strategy with Rocket Station | Episode 92

Grant interviewed Robert Nickell from Rocket Station, a company that helps generate outsourcing content and provides a custom strategy for your company. Many agents think they can’t do everything in the business, and that is mostly true. So, how can they do all these things and maintain a successful business? Where does Rocket Station come in to help with these tasks? Many clients come to Rocket Station overwhelmed by trying to create content, some of them being the top agents in the world. The agents that focus on creating the content and filming videos can hand that raw footage and content over and allow Rocket Station to chop up and perfect content to put out on social media. One video will be spliced into 5 or 6 content pieces to use and repurpose so that you have a whole library of content. They had a client who did an interview and Rocket Station was able to turn that one interview into 37 separate professional videos.

The second part of their business is that once you start turning that content and attracting attention, then as agents you have incoming calls, emails, and texts. They help their clients put systems in place to deal with the day-to-day from Rocket Station.

Witly has a similar component called the “content compound”. Gary Vaynerchuk taught the Grant Wise team how to take one piece of content and turn it around and create at least 5 pieces of content, whether that be small videos, memes, quotes, etc. from that one video.

Many agents don’t take off the employee hat and put on the CEO hat to leverage their business and scale up big. Rocket Station has clients go through a systematic approach before they start creating content to make sure that all the structures are in place to make sure you have everything in place to ensure you will have a successful process for your business.

“The first thing we do with all our client partners, and the most successful love this, is spending a little bit of time to first identify the outcomes and goals and what that should look like and what they want to accomplish,” he says, “Then the content that we create should be aligned with that.” Agents don’t walk into a listing appointment without structure and a solid plan, and it is no different in the way Rocket Station approaches their clients and the way they look at creating the content needed to make their client’s business as successful as possible.

Every successful agent starts with the end in mind. When you are thinking about visual or video content, think about the end in mind! Many agents have this mindset of crushing through the wall to get things done, and it is very difficult to slow down, map out your processes and put them in place; but if you do that you can make your business much more successful. Robert explains, “Every time a phone rings, there needs to be a script, every time a video is created there needs to be a process for how that video gets distributed, how the memes get created and distributed- once you have those processes in place, you’re ready to go crush it.”

If you have reoccurring questions, you can record a video answering that question, and when you get asked that question again, you can send it and save yourself 10 minutes of your day. You do the same thing with text message questions that you send; you copy and paste a past message you have sent before. Robert says, “We like to help people set up their business so it sets up their life and greater purpose- to be a better dad or a better husband or whatever it is they are trying to do.”

Connect with Rocket Station and learn more by emailing brooks@rocketstaion.com