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Robert Syslo- Content Creation That Pays Off

Robert started doing video production around 15 years old. He realized it could be a career. He did freelance jobs for NBC working in NYC and travelled all around the world doing branding and advertising. He went from having no portfolio to having 120 ads done in 90 days; he shot and produced them himself. He went to LA and found himself homeless, went to the Caribbean and ended up homeless, ended up in Miami and ended up in merchandise and finally started working with Grant Cardone. Their company has a seven-figure company with a huge staff. They do design, videos, ads, lead generation funnels, and everything in-between.

It is important for real estate agents to be using videos today because others can assimilate everything they need to know about you, “Video becomes a diffuser of that first introductory sales process… there is a whole process of sales marketing that has to be followed,” Robert says, “Build a comradery.”

Some important elements of a video:


  1. Look for things that are going wrong for your customer and position yourself on the opposite side of that as the problem solver
  2. Be more interested in helping clients than you are in the check
  3. Consistency! 92% of Robert’s service comes in from social media. You can’t run an ad and get results, but consistency (putting out 500 pieces of content a week) will get you there


A few pieces of content can be used in a number of different ways cut up. You can take your phone and shoot a 60 second video where it is posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and IG stories. Stories on all platforms uploaded into 15 second increments and are automatically cut into individual segments. If you do that once every hour for four hours five days a week that is 3,360 pieces of content a month. That is a lot of content out there! 

“I’m multipurpose, and I go back and grab my favorite pieces of content I used months ago and reuse it!” Robert explains.

You are always trying to get attention, but you want to make sure you are getting attention for the right reasons. You want to get attention with what you are known for and what you can bring to the table, what you are the expert in your field with. “Get attention with something tactical and practical that establishes you with your audience,” Robert says.

As far as producing well-made or iPhone style videos are concerned, “Organic and produced stuff performs really well, so a nice happy medium is great,” Robert explains. If you have too much produced stuff you feel out of reach from your audience, and they think you don’t have time for them. If you have some organic content, they feel like they can reach out to you. 

Make sure when you get into your social media videos and your conversations with clients that you are talking to them on their level. You might have a conversation with a client who understands real estate lingo and you are able to have an in-depth conversation with them about properties, but you might have another client that has never bought or sold a home in their life. “The content itself must be able to fluctuate. You be able to play and swing through all that. Just because you know the lingo and industry doesn’t mean other people do.”

Content creation is more than picking up the camera and pressing play. You must be able to create based on client to client. We just went through one of the roughest times in the world with the pandemic, so some people may not be in a “winning” state of mind, you might need to dial down your “happy” and talk to clients where they’re at.

Three things that you can do to create influence with video:

  1. Have a willingness to want to do it
  2. Discipline to create content on days and times you feel you can’t
  3. Being willing to invest money on awareness & advertising


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