The Importance of Mindset

The Importance of Mindset

Mindset is one area where we constantly see people fail when trying to grow their Real Estate business. Many people don’t believe the outcome is possible, so they are never able to get there. Self-esteem is a large problem, and many times these stem from the personal stories a person allows themselves to believe.

At the end of the day, you have to remember it doesn’t matter what others think, it matters what you think. If you think you’re awesome, that’s all that matters.


So how do you get past your own story blocks?

For me, I had to realize that people don’t care about your story. They care about the solution you can offer them and how it’s going to help them grow. You have to be willing to get the parts of YOUR story that slow you down out of your head, because in the long run, those things don’t matter to people.

When I started my business, it wasn’t perfect. I didn’t have a well-established training program. I started with weekly emails that told people exactly what to do. They were imperfect. But guess what? Imperfect actions are still actions. And I was moving forward.  I believed in myself, and I believed in my program. I had to have confidence, and the good news is that the human mind can be programmed to be confident. My clients started achieving great successes.

One of my first clients sold 18 houses in 90 days because of what I was teaching her to do. But she didn’t care about me personally, or my story. She cared that the solution I had solved her problems.

So make your story, your situation whatever you want it to be. Our belief systems will dictate and drive our success.

If you believe something you can see the potential. Your potential will drive your action. Your action will lead to results. Positive or negative. If it’s negative, your belief in the action goes down, making potential smaller as well. But if it’s positive, your brain begins to believe that you can do this, that you are successful, and your confidence grows.

It takes consistent, persistent, relentless action to allow yourself to believe your story.


The solution is what will bring the results that will grow your belief in your actions. People are interested in results. People buy solutions. People buy results. Give them that.


Fear of Rejection

Rejection is another huge mindset issue. I always encourage people to know and understand all of the possible objections, and work through those objections. Once you know the obstacles people face when moving forward with a real estate transaction, you can skillfully guide them through those issues.

To do this, write down all the objections you can think of. Take time to think about the answers to them and practice those conversations.


The importance of self-development

When you’re growing a business, self- development is a huge tool in overcoming mindset challenges. I spend hours every day working to improve my brain and my knowledge.  It’s so important to continue to make your brain bigger, because that’s what people are ultimately paying for, especially if you are offering training service to other real-estate agents. I invest heavily in myself to grow and make myself more valuable.


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