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A Marketing-First Approach to Building Businesses with Matt Fagioli | EP. 105

Matt Fagioli has been in sales since he was 19 years old and dove into the real estate market twenty years ago. Using his background in the technological space, he built one of the top ten real estate teams in the state of Georgia. He sold that team and became a tech consultant in the real estate industry. Following that success, he built the most extensive independent series of conferences in the industry; The Xplode Conference.  With 150 meetings in the last ten years, they have done more conferences in more cities than any other conference series, bringing in speakers like realtor.com, homes.com, and thousands of others. Matt is also the Founder of Brokerage Atlanta, also known as BKG Atlanta. BKG was formed in 2019 when he partnered with two other individuals to teach other real estate professionals at a much higher level and stand out from the traditional brokerages. 


Matt talked about his approach to the industry when he started twenty years ago, “I got into the business when it was really hot, you know, in 2002, 2003…I built one of the top ten businesses in the state so, even though everybody was doing well, we were definitely hitting it out of the park. I attribute that to the fact that I came into it with a tech background and a marketing background, and so I just approached the real estate business from day one from this heavy marketing tech background.” Using WolfNet, one of the first IDX websites, he was able to utilize graphics to create compelling content and entice his viewers. He explains that the need for that has not changed in the last twenty years but that now anyone can enter the market and crush it if they are willing to invest in a tech marketing approach. “In terms of creating business, it has never been easier to create lead flow than it is now.” Converting those leads to clients, however, is the hard part. “We have kind of gone back to the basics of late, really driving sphere of influence, really driving fundamentals of real estate.”  They have buckled down and put a lot of their focus into helping their agents build a strong foundation and nurture their sphere of influence while building other lead gen strategies such as partnering with businesses like Opendoor.

Matt follows a marketing and tech approach with his business and discusses what it means to be both marketing forward and tech-forward in the industry. “Marketing forward is… caring a lot about making everything beautiful way more than most people do in real estate is a big big deal. When somebody gets a notecard from you… that’s delivering your brand and telling that person who you are in terms of how you do your business.”  He explains how many of the agents he works with don’t make that one of their main goals, and he trains them on the importance of putting in focus and effort to their marketing material. “Just having 500 good quality contacts and sending stuff to them consistently that’s beautiful, that’s a marketing forward approach.” When he talks about a tech-forward approach, he says it is similar in that you want things to look beautiful and presentable. “What does your website look like, are there any Facebook ads, and if so, what do those facebook ads say, are there any videos, and if so, what do those videos look like?”. He invites everyone to look at Xplode and BKG as good examples of putting time and effort into how you brand yourself and make it look exceptional. “When people go to look and see who I am, who we are, we are delivering that into the marketplace.” 

Matt explains that it is crucial to focus on communicating with your “top 100”. “Until you do that, every other lead is more expensive and less appealing than the business you would get from those 100 people if you really paid attention to that.” You have to take care of your sphere of influence and nurture your relationship with your customers. Technology makes that more manageable and more efficient than ever before. It is essential to know who you are marketing to and spend time and money finding your ideal client. “We tell our agents..the first question you should be asking is how much do you want to work with this person?”. It is important to recognize quality over quantity, build a strong foundation in the way we support the people closest to us, and then use other tools to grow the database. “It’s a boring conversation, you know, and people are like, oh I want to talk about the tech or whatever, but for the last couple of years, my message has been; look, I’ve been doing this for twenty years I’ve seen everybody reinvent the wheel, every once in a while somebody can do that, but the vast majority of agents would maximize their business if they first crushed that 100 people.” 

In closing, we discuss how through the Xplode conference, Matt sees firsthand some of the more prominent speakers, tech providers, etc. He notices that the fundamentals don’t really change, but the technology becomes more and more advanced. It has become possible to dominate a new market using tech tools such as Facebook ads, retargeting, and platforms and systems that help. With plans to jump into a new market, Matt is most looking forward to the opportunity to create content that people will enjoy and want to see. “What I am most excited about is you’ve got this incredible content to talk about. The content that is available to people in a market like that..shame on you if you’re not murdering it.” 

If you would like to connect with Matt, you can find him on bkgatl.com or by email at matt@bkgatl.com.