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From Losing to Leading with Jon Cheplak | Episode 80


Strategies and tactics will help you create some change in your life but it may be artificial if you haven’t done the work on yourself to build a strong foundation in yourself. 


Jon Cheplak is a man who has gone from losing to leading in a big way to help some of the real estate industry’s biggest and brightest. Jon is one of the most sought after recruiting, productivity, and leadership coaches in the world. Jon has created a proprietary system and process that has added Billions in sales volume to real estate teams and companies throughout the world. Through the consistent attraction, development, and retention of productive agents…real estate teams and companies are experiencing the growth and profits they desire while creating more free time in their personal lives.


Having battled with alcohol addiction, this interview will help you understand how you can overcome anything in life to become the best possible version of yourself. 


How does this help with recruiting? 


Jon dives into the emotional side of connecting to people will help you not only live an authentic and abundant life but help others do the same. From executives to major teams, to top CEOs, Jon’s insight will help you unlock a new level in your life you never thought possible. 


I would know, he helped me do the exact same thing! Enjoy every second of this interview. 


To learn more about Jon, CLICK HERE, and you can connect with him.