Thinking About Cost Is A Bad Investment

Thinking About Cost Is A Bad Investment

Let’s talk about something you may be doing that is keeping your business from flourishing.  I call it “cost thinking” and this is one of my pet peeves. Cost thinking is when you make cost conscious decisions, or decisions based on what something will cost rather than the benefits it will provide.

I can almost guarantee this single principal is keeping you broke.

Don’t be so focused on the pennies that you can’t make the dollars. You have to get out of this “cost thinking” mindset in order to grow your business in a really big way.

When it comes to growing your business, your focus should be on spending to invest.

You spend to invest or you spend to consume. Investing in yourself is the single greatest investment you can make and will bring the single largest return. Why? Because when you invest in yourself you make yourself more valuable.

For example, I invest heavily in my self-growth. As I do, I’m becoming more valuable and am able to bring on higher value clients. My goal is to get to the point where what I provide and teach is so valuable, I can bring on $100K clients. They’ll pay it because they know I am worth it. The better I get, the more I can charge for teaching what I teach.

Spend to invest, do not spend to consume.

Don’t get stuck with a short vision.

Short term vision = thinking only about cost. What’s this going to cost? What do I have to give up?

Instead of focusing on how much something will cost or what you are giving up to make the investment, train yourself to think about it in terms of what you receive or benefit from this investment. What are you going to GAIN?

For example, I never ask about how much it costs when I go out to eat or buy coffee because I’m getting something out of it. There is a tangible return. I’m getting something for what I’m spending.

I follow this same thought process when it comes to spending money on self-improvement. I spent $40K in the last year on my own education. I didn’t concern myself with the cost. I focused on the return. I’m learning skills and crafts that will bring more into my business. I invest a large portion of money in myself that will come back a million times.

If you truly want to grow your business, but you hold yourself back by “cost thinking”, you need to reframe your mindset. You have to teach yourself to focus on the return instead of what it costs. Focus on what will be gained from the investment.

Some people panic a bit about the money they’ve invested in themselves. I understand. It’s easy to get short-sighted. But if you put your nose to the ground and grind, you will never have to worry about money again. Invest in yourself and work hard.

Let go of those belief systems that are holding you back.

If you’ve been considering joining our program but cost is keeping you from making the jump, remember that this is an investment in YOU. This is not costing you. This is making you money. Look at the positive growth numbers, not the negative. We are teaching a skill and a craft that can be replicated over and over and over. The return on your investment into our Agent Mastery Program is immeasurable.

I challenge you now to remove the word “cost” from your vocabulary.


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