EP.52: Interview With Sam Debianchi
October 2, 2019
EP.54: Interview With Katie Lance
October 7, 2019

EP.53: Interview With Tim Harris

In this episode, Grant Wise got to hear from Tim Harris. Tim and his wife Julie have built an incredible business over the last thirty years that consists of selling real estate, writing best selling books and coaching people along the way.

After college, Tim and Julie started out together selling real estate. They didn’t necessarily have a plan, they just knew they were all about putting in the hard work each and every day, and it paid off. Their first year in the business, they sold over 100 homes. Unbeknownst to them, they were setting records and people took note. They were featured in magazines, honored by the realty company they worked for, and eventually people started approaching them seeking personalized coaching. Thus, they became coaches in the industry. Once again, unprepared for the opportunity, but ready to learn and succeed at it like everything they’d done together before.

The first book the co-wrote sold out in less than 24 hours. All of that to say, they are a wealth of knowledge and people wanted to hear what they had to say. Judging by the sales of the latest book they published, that is still the case today. Perhaps, my favorite thing about listening to Tim Harris is hearing him talk about how he and Julie were not in this for fame or recognition. They just made a commitment to work hard and grind every day. Proof that if you just keep your head down and do the work good things will come.

I was really intrigued by Tim’s outlook on success in the real estate industry and not just because it’s extremely valuable, but because it’s actually really different than most people’s. We hear so much about branding yourself, building a social media following, etc. Tim basically discredits that all together. He started out as a Realtor before the days of internet and social media, so he knows that although branding yourself can be a good tool, it’s not the secret to success. “You have to do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it on a consistent basis. In other words…buck up buttercup” Pretty solid advice and really simple if you think about it. It’s so easy to get caught up in LOOKING successful instead of actually BEING successful.

This is almost a whole hour packed with some of the realest, most valuable advice for success in the real estate business that you will hear anywhere.

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