EP.50: Interview With Jason Cassity
September 26, 2019
EP.52: Interview With Sam Debianchi
October 2, 2019

EP.51: Interview With Luna Ge

In this episode we get to hear from Luna Ge, who has built a brand and for herself in the real estate industry in a unique way. Luna came to the United States from China when she was seventeen years old. After graduating from Penn State she took a job selling Rolexes. She admits this was definitely not her passion, but it was her first “real” job and she was thankful to have it. It would be there that she was introduced to a lady in the real estate world, and thus her career to a very pivotal turn. She got her real estate license and moved to Philladelpia in 2017. Her first introduction to the industry was working rentals for the first 4-5 months before she transitioned into selling.

Before Luna became a Realtor, she had built a pretty big social media following as a fitness model. She had a decision to make as she advanced her real estate career. Should she use her fitness model social media account that already had a huge following or take what most considered the more professional approach, and separate the two? She decided to continue to use her fitness model account to promote her real estate career as well. Knowing she would face backlash for that decision from some of the people she was closest to, she had to be confident in knowing that was the best decision for her and for her career. It has turned out to be a great decision.

Luna has only been working in the real estate industry for three years and last year she closed 21 transactions. This year her goal is to double that and she is set to hit that goal. She credits much of her success to the social media platforms she has chosen. Her advice is to choose two or three platforms and to focus on promoting yourself in that way. She has chosen Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. She considers YouTube particularly pivotal bc it creates a warmth with perspective leads that you don’t necessarily get other places.

She advises everyone to ask yourself, “What way are you special?” Once you decide what that is, apply it to your career. Luna prides herself on being a Chinese Realtor and a fitness model, as well as a realtor. Those are things that set her apart from the crowd and they have obviously worked in her favor. This episode is full of a lot of truth and motivation. You don’t want to miss it.

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