EP.45: Interview With Brandon Wise
September 4, 2019
EP.47: Interview With Lauren Taylor
September 9, 2019

EP.46: Interview With Julie Youngblood

In this week’s episode, Grant Wise sits down with Julie Youngblood, who at 17 years old, graduated from high school with no idea what she wanted to do career-wise with her future. Both of her parents were Realtors so she decided to get her real estate license. It took her seven attempts, but she eventually passed the test and has been a Las Vegas Realtor for the last nineteen years.

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After making it through the recession, when the number of Realtors in Las Vegas dropped from 18,000 to around 6,000, Julie decided to start a coaching business for Realtors that are just starting out. Julie’s opinion on how to be successful is pretty simple and very direct. I would describe her as blunt, even. But in a “everyone needs to hear this” type of way. In her mind, it’s all about you. How hard are you willing to work? Julie feels like it’s pretty simple and it’s time to get back to basics.

“This is the only job in the world where you can work two hours a day, talk to strangers and make a six-figure income several times over.”

Julie believes that any Realtor who is struggling in their career is one habit away from a breakthrough. She suggests things like practicing scripts daily, staying on the phone, and staying connected to your localized market. She thinks things that most Realtors dread, like open houses, can be made fun if you just change your mindset. She stresses the importance of personal connections and how you should view every person you know as a bridge to another person. People = referrals.

One of the most intriguing things she talks about in this interview is how early on she identified five people that she wanted to be like. Whether it was the fact that they had a car she wanted to drive, a certain outlook on life, success in certain area, etc. She picked five people she admired for whatever reason and tried to decipher what they had to do get where they were, then she modeled that behavior. In Julie’s opinion, it’s all about your mindset and how you view yourself.

“Think more like a business owner and less like a transactional agent. When you do that, the industry as a whole is elevated.”

Julie is the epitome of a hype girl. You just feel empowered after hearing her talk. Like you hold the cards to your own success and you’re ready to go get stuff done.