EP.42: Interview With Jay Baer
May 31, 2019
EP.44: Interview With Dirk Zeller
September 2, 2019

EP.43: Building Monster Teams, Recruiting, and Automating it All

Joined by three of the country’s top producers, this podcast is filled with some pure gold on building teams, recruiting top talent, and building the systems to automate it all.

Three guys that work in tandem with each other playing off each other’s strengths seem to be on a freight train knocking down success’ door at every turn.

Mike, the team builder of the group, has a vast array of experience in the Real Estate industry. For many years in the top 25 club in the state of California through REMAX to power broker with Home Smart and now EXP.

David, finding much success in the REO era recruiting top talent to help build a nationwide empire.

Brannon, the tech ninja behind the scenes, helping automate most of the business through for modern systems uniquely using technology.

In this episode, we pull back the curtain on what has made each of these guys so successful at specific points in their career and how that success is being leveraged currently as rocket fuel for their growth inside of the fastest growing Real Estate company in history, EXP Realty.

Listen in and absorb as much as you can because this is 45 minutes of one valuable and practical piece of strategic advice after another.