EP.37: Interview With Michael Hellickson
March 22, 2019
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April 2, 2019

EP.38: Brindley Tucker

Brindley Tucker got her start as soon as she got out of college when she went to work on Wall Street. She says her secret has always been to go in and learn everything she wanted to by being an assistant. That rang true as she moved to Texas to assist in the sales of Country Club memberships. Knowing the market might have something to offer, Tucker saw opportunity to own her own business by jumping into the real estate industry there. She became the Director of Agent Services at her local KW brokerage shortly after in 2011.

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Brindley focused heavily on her agent support duties but was falling behind in her personal life. She had an awakening after battling personal issues and faced being let go from her new job, but was gracefully allowed to move into a marketing position for the team.

With no license to drive a car, Tucker rode her bike from office to office implementing marketing for agents. She felt she owed everyone because of what she had done and felt like she always should come from a place of contribution and find ways to add value, even if it was for free.

Realizing her strength in details and administration, she transitioned to creating her own contract to close company. Brindley grew her efforts for four years until she had the chance to pursue her passion of teaching and helping top producers streamline their systems and processes through her methods and also as a KW MAPS coach. She now devotes all of her time to providing value to those she mentors and her clients.

Tucker’s strongest feelings come out when she says, “When you’re ready, messages will appear until you learn it… When I decided to change, I didn’t get to decide how help would come, but I got to rebuild.”

How does this play into how she teaches business principles? Brindley notes that agents should always say yes to helping and come from a place of contribution. She believes that if agents just exist to add value, then people will start showing up for them to help.

About team building, Brindley teaches to start saving for an administrator as soon as an agent gets their first check, even if it comes in small increments. She says this is paramount to growth because no one person is great at every part of the business. If you are doing activities that you do not like or know you are bad at, then you are wasting time when you could have someone else who is good at those activities converting at a higher level. If you have been doing everything in your business for a while and do not know what activities you do not like or are bad at, take a look at where you are not producing. For instance, if agents see that they have mostly worked with listings, they probably prefer not to work with buyers and should hire a buyers’ agent after they have an admin person.

Website: Yrltalent.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brindley.tucker