EP.34: Interview With Preston Schmidli
March 11, 2019
EP.36: Interview With Verl Workman
March 18, 2019

EP.35: Interview With David Huffman

David Huffman is the founder of Closings on Demand. He has been in the real estate industry for sixteen years, spending fourteen of those in production. Across those fourteen years, David has helped over 1,200 families make their residential transition.

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Huffman pins his success on his ability to observe. He says that he analyzed why other agents were having success, especially in their lead generation to begin. Once he felt he had a good grasp on what direction to go, he began to focus on dialogue and improving his language to get more returned voicemails. Once comfortable with his language, he aimed to manage his time better. He notes that time management to him is different that what people initially think of. Huffman plans to spend time on tasks that he knows will benefit his acquisitions rather than any activities he is unsure of or knows will not help. Grant and David agree heavily that success is built of small adjustments over time.

The first thing David’s training tackles is an agent or team’s financial model. This really boils down to expectations. He teaches to aim for “pendings” and not “closings” since at the beginning of a month, an agent should not be able to produce three closed deals with 100% accuracy, but should plan to have three transactions pending. Getting three transactions is something an agent can control, not three closings.

The next point of focus is the foundation of leads. He asks his clients to truly put into numbers their ROI of time vs. ROI of money. When agents cut the things that do not work and put more into scaling the things that do, they see fruit. Sometimes time is the kind of money new agents have to spend and have to be faithful to that until they can make the shift to spending actual cash acquiring customers. “Your business should be ran like a system,” David says, pointing out that metrics are the make or break to understanding what is truly happening in a business.

Mindset is crucial as growth opportunity starts to kick in with new changes. New agents do time-based lead generation, and there becomes a tug where the agent has to do business but also has to prospect. Those that can make the jump to automation or outsourcing are the ones that can get over the hump and keep their prospecting and business running smoothly and growing.

“Every lead is a raised hand in the marketplace,” Huffman says. Grant and David agree that relationship building is how agents close deals and make use of every lead. “Desire day and decision day aren’t the same day,” Grant reminds agents. That gap of time is where the agent really must come through and provide value to cement the relationship and get the deal!

David closes with one last thought for agents, “There is an easier way to do real estate.”