EP. 30: Interview With Jessie Morfin
February 19, 2019
EP.32: Interview With Chelsea Peitz
March 1, 2019

EP.31: Interview With Tyler Jack Harris

Four years ago, Tyler Jack Harris had just gone through catastrophic marriage and business failures, and was at a place where he did not know what direction to head. Taking ownership of everything that happened to him, he reached out and got connected with mentors that took him under their wing and gave him the opportunity to start regaining confidence in himself. He was so consumed by fear of going all in on something because of his recent past. He got into the insurance industry with his mentors, and went all in following the systems and processes that were already in place. That year, Harris broke $300,000 in sales and grew substantially year over year, quickly taking ownership in the company. Effort equals results in insurance, as it is a highly transactional business. His confidence was built through success in putting in extreme effort and getting extreme results.

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In conjunction with his affinity for hard work, Tyler has an extreme affinity for giving. He has created a following sharing wisdom with anyone and everyone who wants to listen. He makes a point to keep his social media efforts completely disconnected from his insurance business, and has made the commitment not to monetize any of his online efforts. He strongly believes that everyone is either headed into, in, or on their way out of a storm, and wants to connect with them and help their mindset in those parts of life. He feels it is his duty to pay it forward as best he can.

Using Gary Vaynerchuk’s taught principles, Harris believes he should provide value for nothing in return, quoting, “whoever can hold their breath the longest wins” as a main goal.

His overarching message throughout his content aims for universality and teaching followers to see a different perspective as they go through a storm, have just come out of one, or head into one.

About his own work, Tyler Jack Harris notes his mantra, “the main focus is to remain focused.” The humility and focus of his work comes across in the way he speaks. He goes on to say that he believes it is possible to lose focus and admits he has gone far too long being unfocused, to have to course-correct and get back to his roots, stating that transition is the most important.

When offered work, Harris’s mindset has grown to asking his pursuers, “Is this going to be difficult to make work?” and finds he is only interested in extremely difficult work and tremendous effort. He attributes this to his comfort in knowing the thing he can control every single day is how hard he works. He truly believes if you work the hardest, you’re winning.

Harris is grateful that things happened the way they did. He swells with enthusiasm as he hears people’s stories, because he sees a great correlation and trajectory for those who learn from those big events in their life as he was able to use his pain to grow and give so greatly.