EP. 25: Interview with Michael Lafido
January 15, 2019
EP. 27: Interview with Howard Tager
January 31, 2019

EP. 26: Interview with Hoss Pratt

Hoss Pratt grew up in southwest Missouri working on a dairy farm, barely making it through college. He knew that he was destined for greatness, and actively started seeking that out. Listen or watch below.

His mentor, Jimbo, gave him two specific pieces of advice that were foundational to his business intellect and growth over the next several years. The first piece of advice he was given was that profit was better than wages. With this in mind, Hoss started Pratt Lawns, his first business. He used the winter months to create a list of one hundred lawns he would then maintenance and used this to grow his company to six figures.
The second thing Jimbo said was that it was time to move! In Hoss’s words, to “burn the boats.” He picked up and moved to Dallas, a place he had no contacts, and got into real estate, Here he experienced his first losses in business, blowing through everything he had in about six months. He finally hired a marketing coach and realized that marketing was the piece of the puzzle he was missing. He had thirty listings in the next thirty days and closed eight million dollars in the following six months.


As it would, news of his success grew and Hoss has been sharing his methods and equipping other agents with the models they need to move their businesses to the next level for the last ten years.


To dominate a market, Hoss states that you need to have a niche that you can be the expert on. He said an agent will be a better agent for a niche than for the whole market.


Hoss built systems and processes because he believes that “you need to go get what is yours every day” because entrepreneurs are responsible for what they can generate in a day.


“I can’t remember a day I didn’t believe I was going to be a smashing success.”


What changed the trajectory of Hoss’s career? Always working on himself and business, from Day 1, with tenacity and consistency.


He understood that if he believe that, he had to show up and do the work it takes to hone the skills that create success. The thing that allows him to take action despite the fact that he is comfortable is knowing that the weeds will overtake the garden if he wasn’t actively pursuing the next thing.


He now has well over five thousand coaching hours under his belt and has spoken on hundreds of stages doing the thing that he loves to do- helping people grow their real estate business through building the digital machine of real estate and teaching his key to success:  becoming the undisputed expert.


With this in mind, Pratt notes that scaling is the next step. When you can automate your sales process and start to scale, you can create this figure that at the end of day, you know that you are selling a house for every x number of dollars you spend. Hoss suggests that when all of his sales process is in place, he would only be on a twenty-minute strategy session call with the seller and then send someone to go get the paperwork signed.


Access Hoss’s Book Listing Boss at listingbossbook.com.