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May 22, 2020
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May 29, 2020

Episode 67: Interview with Eli Wilde


Life is often about trial and error. Today’s guest spent time living in a tent in his twenties, transitioned into acting in Hollywood, then moved on to become one of the top sales people in the US producing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

On today’s episode, I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Eli Wilde, one of Tony Robbin’s top all-time sales producers and overall great guy. We talked about Eli’s strange journey into sales and how he met Tony. Eli also went into the details on how he, while having access to all the same resources, outsold his teammates by up to 2-5x, how he took the principles that he learned working with Tony, to develop his own business, Wilde Influence, and how by using the simple techniques of neurolinguistic programing, Eli was able to cultivate real relationships with the customers he was working with.

Eli has created a fantastic life for himself, but things weren’t always so great. In his early twenties, Eli lived in a tent in Colorado for about 8 months. He spent this time  soul-searching and finding out what he wanted to do with his life and came to the decision that he wanted to be an actor and model. After leaving Colorado, Eli headed to California to pursue his dream. Although he got opportunities for auditions, like many of the would-be Hollywood superstars, Eli found himself wandering without a purpose. It was during this time that he began reading about mindset and how your emotions and feelings affect your decisions. It was also during this time that Eli learned about Tony Robbins.

After buying Tony’s Personal Power System on Ebay, Eli was hooked. “You can read the books, I mean the guy is an amazing writer, but his voice and the way he captivates you by changing his tonality…you can tell that it’s not scripted” Eli felt that this kind of method of living was exactly what he was looking for and took the money he had saved for rent and purchased a ticket to one of Tony’s Events.

This kind of action is exactly what you need to be taking in your life. Had Eli done the “smart thing” and paid his rent rather than attend Tony’s event, we might never have had the opportunity to learn from him. Taking risks and investing in yourself will put you into the best possible position for success. You still have to take the steps to be successful, but just showing up is a considerable portion of the battle.

Eli didn’t reach 2-5x the sales of his competitors by just showing up though. One of the things that Eli teaches is, “leaders always have an outcome in mind. They have a vision for their life, their family, their health. So in order to be successful it takes hunger, a vision, and strategies.” If you don’t have a vision for success, that is also about more than yourself, it won’t matter how hungry you are or the strategies that you have in place. Eli’s vision was so focused around helping people and being of service to them that his certainty overshadowed their challenge. This allowed him to let things like, “I’ve got to think about it,” bounce off of him like they weren’t even rejections. For lot’s of sales people, when they run into a challenge, they shrink into themselves and push away customers for “wasting their time”. This is the exact opposite of what you want to do.

You want to present yourself as confident for your potential customers, but if you aren’t truly confident they will see through you. That is a big reason Eli stresses the difference between training and studying. Studying, is a combination of looking at different things. You can study 10 books and training videos at the same time, but the information will get jumbled and cause you to be less certain. Training, is when you focus on one particular area to improve. An area that Eli believes is super important to train is your emotions. By focusing on mastering your emotions you have the ability to present yourself as certain even when things get difficult. Just like training your body, it takes consistent training to build those emotional muscles, and when the time comes to flex them it is no longer a conscience decision it just happens.

This training creates for you a new way of dealing with clients. If you’re emotionally in control and certain it allows you to challenge your clients, not to be right, but challenge to serve. That level of confidence allows you to challenge mindsets or challenge contentions because you’re not just looking to make a sale, you’re looking to provide value to someone and be of service.

If you’re looking for ways to build confidence, develop a vision for your future, and kick-ass in your sales you need to check out this awesome interview!

If you have questions for Eli or would like to get in touch with him you can reach him at wildeinfluence.com/freebook