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February 25, 2021
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Creating Videos and Building Your Brand with Ace Watanasuparp

Ace is currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Citizens Bank for Residential Lending in New York. Ace has expanded into new markets and captured unique market share in purchase financing as well as refinancing. His reputation has allowed him to attract talented loan officers within every region Citizens Bank services. Ace is also an entrepreneur- he has 10 different restaurants with his brother.

The marketing strategy in different areas need to adapt… marketing has transitioned to not just an ad, but it needs to invoke some sort of emotional response or call to action,” Ace says. The key to this for him has been empathy and being able to step into someone else’s shoes to experience things how they do.

 If a real estate agent were going to set out to build a brand, they have to understand what that actually means- you have to build a brand for your company but also yourself. What are some of your belief systems and values? What kind of community are you wanting to build? Your potential clients want to know who is behind the person, so conveying that is very important. Establishing yourself as the expert in whatever area you chose to focus on will give you a great idea of who you want to be. 

So where is a good place to start when you’re thinking about solidifying your brand? 

“Build a whiteboard,” Ace explains, break up the different categories of what you want to talk about when you create marketing videos. This is going to be super personal to who you are and what you are passionate and comfortable talking about. Then, it is about strategizing how to message those themes and categories to your audience. 

“Folks who are thinking about starting- have a camera set up in your office that is running… you can use a lot of the everyday conversations you have and create succinct content from it,” Ace suggests. “I always tell people build up an archive library of content so that if you want to put out 4 pieces of content a week you have a few months built up.”

The last step is just getting a camera in your hand and beginning to document. Agents are so busy, but it is important to document the experiences that draw people back to what you actually do. Take the stories of your life and find a bridge to make it relevant to your life and business. You can take one piece of video content and turn it into dozens of videos to distribute when you’re ready. The most authentic content you could create is when you are talking through candid conversations. 

The best thing you can do that you will thank yourself for two years down the road is to just show up. “If you’re thinking about building a brand and you’re thinking about marketing not only yourself but your company, you can obtain both objectives… but the key is to not think about it too much. You’ll over think it and never do it,” Ace says, “Constantly learn and push yourself to be uncomfortable.”

You can follow Ace on Instagram at @AceWantanasuparp