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Pushing Through Your Fears with Brittney Pino | EP. 5


Brittney Pino is a real estate broker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She first started her career in real estate when she was twenty years old. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she was determined to be successful and always strived for more. Brittney went on to get married, have two daughters, and remained in the industry during this time. Despite her tough divorce in 2016, she grew as a person and learned so much about herself. While rocking being a single mother and a high-producing real estate agent, Brittney grew her business to be a team of eight in 2018 before downsizing and going solo. With a fantastic admin team behind her, she focused all of her efforts on building relationships with clients. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, she not only homeschooled her children but also opened an independent brokerage firm that is now up 30% and crushing their records.

Brittney discusses the mindset it takes to be successful and not let fear hold you back. “I get to this point in life where I’m in a situation where I feel like I’m kind of sitting on the edge of a rock, right? and the next place that I need to be is quite a leap, and below me is… there’s some distance there… I believe wholeheartedly that is truly the difference between somebody who is maybe an elite performer or somebody that is super successful vs. an average person, and it really just comes down to choice. Facing that fear and pushing through.” She goes on to explain that focus is critical in becoming successful and gaining financial freedom. “Figure out exactly what it is you need to do, focus, and then take action. You just have to get a running start sometimes and then hold your breath and jump.” It is hard, but it is up to us to make our own choices on what we will do.

When asked what drives her, Brittney talks about how she has to feel things rather than think about them. “Your heart is going to tell you exactly what you need and what you want, and it’s going to send signals, it’s going to send that desire…if you really practice the quieting of your mind and to feel where you need to be”. She explains that it is vital to remember to choose to take action and let your mind follow your heart. If you feel it but take no action, then nothing will ever come of it. Brittney quiets her mind by writing out her goals and aspirations, long-term and short-term, and not engaging or entertaining the opinions of others. This method helps her understand that her decisions are 100% hers and there are no outside influences. “A lot of people look outside of themselves for answers, and it’s just that maybe they haven’t been exposed to the idea of looking within.”

Brittney also drives home the fact that health and wellness is a crucial part of being successful, “When I really added that piece and when I really understood that, I cannot even stress how much of an impact that had on my…entire life.” To have a fulfilled life, you have to put yourself first, and then everything else will follow.

When asked how she stays a top producing person, she says, “I think that it is constantly being a student, constantly learning and striving to be better. I’m open-minded to new things and how I do things and changing and evolving. It’s really important to operate with honesty and integrity…I am who I am, and I operate with a lot of heart; I love what I do.” She emphasizes that when you are doing what you love and are passionate about, it creates magnetic energy that attracts people and helps build success. When you are your true authentic self, it is easier to connect and gain that trust that is essential for any business.

Brittney describes how it feels to step through her fears and make that leap into where she knows she needs to be, “It’s anxiety, its paralyzing sometimes, its self-doubt everything just creeps in until you know that ok I’m going to do this. There’s almost like a little bit of an insanity moment that has to happen.” She explains that once you make that leap, you realize that all of your fears were useless, and you feel empowered by the decision to go for it. “If you want to be super successful, if you want to climb a mountain, you have to make those leaps; you have to take action.”

“I truly believe that is the way to find true happiness. Take action and make choices.”