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Brian Culhane is the first President of eXp Realty in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is one of the most influential and consistent driving forces behind eXp’s Creation, Culture and Meteoric eXpansion.

 Brian is a consummate real estate entrepreneur creating expansion teams and companies around North America. In 2019 he was named Scottsdale Homeowners Magazine’s 2019 “Man of the Year”, and in 2020 started The Success Philosopher Podcast.

He grew up in Chicago surrounded by successful people, with his friend’s parents CEOs of big companies. He did whatever it took to get his foot in the door and learn how to become financially independent. He played sports and learned a work ethic. He got a scholarship and finished college in Kentucky. After college he headed out West, not really sure what he was doing or where he was going. He used his last $400 to go to real estate school. 

One of the first people he connected with on Craigslist was Glenn Sanford, an early expansion team rain maker at Keller, and he travelled to different warm weather cities- one of those being Phoenix, the area where Brian ended up settling.  Glenn offered him a team leadership position, and that gave him the confidence to succeed from the beginning. 

Brian had some health issues with his hip from a bike accident that gave him some setbacks. In retrospect, he can see that he has done his best work when his back was up against the wall. He finds himself managing mini crises to put himself back in that headspace. Many people get complacent when things are good, but when things are uncertain you have to push through and find a way to succeed no matter what. 

“You don’t learn anything from winning,” Brian says, “Winning masks a lot of problems your team has. Maybe you figure out where the wheels are coming off, where the weak chains are. So, you learn more from losing; now what you do with that will determine what direction your story goes in. Fall seven times, get up eight!” The difference between good ideas and the genius is that geniuses actually go through and take action to make those great ideas happen. 

“Obstacles are not in your way; obstacles are the way.” He uses obstacle-immunity, which is a skill you can develop by intentionally putting obstacles in your path, such as jumping in a cold-water bath or running hills if you are trying to build physical endurance and the fight-or-flight muscle in your brain. 

Brian talks about the power of words. “What you think is what you say, what you say is what you do, and what you do becomes your legacy. Brian believes that you can speak your words into existence and reality.” If you think negative thoughts toward yourself, it will do negative things inward, and do even worse things if you say them out loud. 

“You can build an amazing life, or destroy, and it is all about what comes out of your mind and mouth,” Brian says.

You can connect with Brian on Twitter @brianculhane Facebook @RealEstateBro Instagram @BrianCulhane or his website at AgentWealthDevelopment.com