May 16, 2018

EP. 16: An Interview With David Fanale

David’s been involved in EVERY facet of real estate for the last 3+ decades. From building homes and apartments to investing in and managing single family and multi-family complexes all while owning a brokerage. He’s seen it all. Don't miss out as they discuss how to put systems and processes in place to become a successful real estate PROFESSIONAL, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.
April 13, 2018

EP. 15: Why the Drive-by Prospect is So Rich and How to Capitalize on the Opportunity – With Gary Elwood

In this episode Grant sits down with Gary Elwood. Gary's company ProQuest has serviced more than 26,000 agents and generated more than 28,000,000 leads in its history. You won't want to miss out on this as they discuss how to generate leads that convert at a radically high rate!
March 21, 2018

EP. 14: Mind over Matter – How to Create an Empire from Nothing With Michael Maher

This podcast is FILLED with some amazing advice for you on things like mindset, strategy, and even some simple and quick adjustments you can make to go out and start winning more business by winning more in life. Check out more about Michael J Maher at www.CallWithCoach.com
February 20, 2018

EP. 13: An Interview With Whitney Nicely

Take a listen as Grant interviews special guest Whitney Nicely about her recent experience and how she continues to change up and improve her hustle.