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July 6, 2020
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How To Build An Incredible Team with Travis Robertson | Episode 79

Travis Robertson is a business coach who specializes in helping real estate agents and team leaders rapidly scale their businesses and their incomes. As the creator of High-Performance Agent, High-Performance Team and The Real Estate Playbook, Travis has literally created the most comprehensive program for helping real estate agents build incredibly successful businesses of all sizes.

His passion is to help business owners transform their business and their lives by creating businesses that fund their lives, not run their lives.

A common misconception in Real Estate is that if someone isn’t a REALTOR, then they can’t help other Real Estate agents grow their business. I know I hear this objection quite often, even though, I’m a marketer. In this interview, Travis talks about his vast experience in building companies into high-performance machines, implementing systems and processes for true growth and scalability.

Too many Agents rely on feeling and not enough on making data-driven decisions to grow their company and that’s something big that these types of systems help you overcome. This episode is full of common mistakes Agents tend to make and how to overcome them. Get your notebook out and get ready to go to school!

To learn more about Travis you can connect with him on his website at https://travisrobertson.com/