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March 30, 2020
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Episode 60: Suneet Agarwal


In this episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, we caught up with Suneet Agarwal. A California Real Estate legend, Suneet and I talked about all things Real Estate.

Suneet got his start in the mortgage industry directly out of college with Ameriquest. Earning “too much” money during the subprime era, Suneet learned some lessons the hard way as he started to pivot into the Real Estate industry in 2014.

He quickly realized that the traditional way of growing a real estate business wasn’t for him. He was told to make cold-calls, knock doors, hand out business cards, and more. Suneet quickly got burned out on the traditional real estate model and started seeking some change. It wasn’t long after he decided to start a team. After much help from coaches, mentors, and other group forums like Lab Coat Agents.

Quickly becoming a thought leader in the industry, a real estate coach, and a national competitor in the Real Estate industry Suneet locked arms with Big Block Realty. Suneet currently has twenty-six agents and over sixty agents working inside of his Sacramento brokerage.

I asked Suneet, “What has allowed you to continuously pick up so much speed in the market?”

Suneet believes that your network is your net worth and gives us some insight into how we can simply surround ourselves with the people we want to most be like to achieve success.

This episode is packed full of helpful insights, mindset tweaks, and strategic marketing strategies.

Learn more about Suneet and connect with him directly on Instagram: @suneet_agarwal916