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Solving Problems With a Virtual Assistant with Pavel Stepanov

Pavel Stepanov is a Business Developer at Virtudesk. They help small businesses solve problems with their virtual assistant services. They handle calendars, cold calling, prospect calling, running marketing and ads, transaction coordination, and even handling Tik Tok videos! 

At the beginning of the world-wide quarantine, they saw huge growth in companies hiring them for marketing as opposed to ISA work. Real Estate Agents or a brokerage cannot run full-scale while still doing the small things. You can’t serve your clients to the best of your ability when you’re bogged down by the small stuff.

Stepanov suggests making a list of what you do from the time you begin work until you stop. Make an arrow on that list that you aren’t good at, tasks you don’t like doing, and things that don’t make you as much money; anything else you can outsource to others to handle for you. Realtors should be meeting with clients and focusing on the relational aspect of their work. 

Virtudesk spends time with clients to set up systems and processes, drip campaigns, funnels, and help organize CRMs so that these off sourced jobs can be done the way they need to be done. 

Starting from scratch, the first step is to make sure agents have or set up a CRM with all their clients and potential clients. They help clean up existing CRMs so you can successfully follow up with those contacts consistently.

The biggest benefit to hiring a Virtual Assistant is the cost- it’ll run you $10 an hour. Another thing is that you get, not only a VA, but the whole team to help remedy any problems. They run as a sort of operating officer for their VAs so that they know your assistant is doing efficient work. 

Communication is number one with a VA. Stepanov explains, “The most success we see, because we have customers who have been with us from day one, and the way they operate with their VA is they are communicating daily. Some think their VA is going to be rolling with no guidance and it will not be productive. Your VA is your employee, and they need to know what is happening. Clearly communicate your goals and expectations.”


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