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Marketing to Attract Higher End Clients with Roh Habibi | Episode 86


Roh Habibi is a luxury real estate expert in San Francisco, CA. Featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing in San Francisco, Roh is sought after by high-end, discerning clientele and major developers alike, The Habibi Group specializes in opulent resale properties, ground-up developments, and conversions in SF, Silicon Valley, and the Tri-Valley.

With a background in finance and wealth management, Roh is able to leverage his knowledge of tax and estate planning to expertly guide his clients through the real estate investment process and safeguarding their wealth. Renowned locally and globally, the multicultural and multilingual Habibi Group possesses a unique knowledge of foreign markets. With fluency in English, Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish,

The Habibi Group specializes in working with Venture Capitalists, Hedge Fund Managers, Founders of companies, C suite executives, foreign investors (EB-5), Athletes, those in the Entertainment industry, developers, and also clients unfamiliar with the SF Bay Area landscape to provide a streamlined process from fruition to completion.

After meeting Roh in LA during an Inman Connect event we decided to hop on a quick podcast to talk about marketing and sales. One of the biggest takeaways from my talk, as Roh puts it, is really nailing down your ideal client. In this episode, we talk about Roh’s ideal client and how to create a marketing plan based on understanding that person, inside and out. We also discuss how to engage “higher” end buyers and sellers who may not interact much on social media.

To learn more about Roh, visit his website: https://www.rohhabibi.com/