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June 17, 2020
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Episode 74: Interview w/ Rob Nickell


On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, the founder of Rocket Station, Rob Nickell, stopped in, to explain everything you need to know about virtual assistance. We discussed how Rob got started in the real estate industry, what drove him to the virtual assistance industry, and how it helped him improve his business and life!

Rob’s bio on Rocketstation.com reads:

“Robert Nickell is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Station, the leading provider of outsourced staffing and process management for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Operating in Dallas Ft Worth since 2013, Rocket Station helps small to mid-sized businesses with efficiency and profitability. Simplified staffing allows operators to focus on core competencies and outsource the rest. Robert started his career as an entrepreneur in real estate industry which has positioned him to support many real estate entrepreneurs and established firms who are struggling with staffing and human resources. Robert and his team’s strength in evaluating best practices and efficient ways to staff capacity has continued to propel Rocket Station. When not helping clients build better businesses, you’ll find Robert traveling the world or hanging out with his nephews in Dallas”

As you can tell, Rob got his start in the real estate industry as an agent. He initially got into the agent side of the business in order to fund his own real estate investing opportunities, flipping houses. This was an extreme grind that didn’t make Rob feel fulfilled. It was around this time that he found out the wholesaling technique and really started to crank out a ton of business. He learned all about moving property without spending his own money, using contracts. This lead him to be much more successful in his business ventures, but created a problem he wasn’t prepared for.

While wholesaling properties was extremely lucrative for Rob, he was also handling every aspect of the business. He was answering calls, negotiating deals, showing houses, and basically doing 70 different things at a time. He was doing so much business that he couldn’t even show a home without being called multiple times by potential clients. “The problem came pretty quick because I ran out of time,” Rob was only able to do 3-4 transactions per month because he was doing the entire process by himself.

“I already knew about leveraging other people’s money in order to get deals done, but I had never thought about leveraging people’s time to do the same thing and grow the business,” Rob thankfully had a few great mentors in his life that taught him about delegating responsibilities to scale his business. One of Rob’s mentors was delegating and outsourcing a lot of his work to the Philippines, and that was when he found out about virtual assistance.

Initially, Rob started using virtual assistants to outsource his inside sales. The VA’s would answer every call, leaving Rob more opportunities to close deals and showed him, “I just need more people”. He started outsourcing more responsibilities, like contracts, to people in order to avoid the back and forth that it takes to make those things happen. He then started to build out systems and processes for most of his business that let him start living a free life! He was so excited by his new freedom that he even started teaching other businesses his same method for FREE.

The first thing Rob and his team recommend for your business is to get extremely structured before you start hiring teams. “All a system is to me, is a repeatable process,” Rob was spending all of his time in the beginning teaching and training his team members on how to do their job because he had not put into place a process for each role his employees had. Now, before Rocket Station ever helps someone build a team, they start by helping them build structure and implement specific processes that make the job easy to repeat. This lets the team members know what accountability looks like, know exactly what they are supposed to be doing during the day, and how they can get help if a problem arises. You will be amazed by how autonomous your company can be if you take the time to get really structured and implement repeatable systems.

Rob has a really great way to get started, when it comes to actually creating these systems for your teams. “First, you need to record yourself,” no matter what the task your completing might be, you need to have it documented somehow to study it and take notes. All great NFL quarterbacks have one thing in common; they watch and analyze film to better prepare for their opponent. They can see, after hours and hours of film study, what their mistakes are and how to correct them. The same thing goes for you in your business. If you are running comps, you should record that and take it apart piece by piece until you have a complete understanding of what you do, how you do it, when you should do it, and how to get help if something is wrong. If you do this with every task you complete, you can easily develop a repeatable process that your team can understand.

Ultimately, you need to create structure in your business. If you ask anyone what they value most in life you will typically hear things like: relationships, family, and free time. You can surely achieve this if you are willing to delve deep into the way you do business, understand it inside and out, develop a step by step process, and teach that process to someone else.

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