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March 5, 2021
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Getting Started With Video with Rick Janson | Episode 98

Rick became a realtor in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. He loves helping people make decisions and teaching others. He sold over 10 million dollars in the market, putting him in the top realtors of his city. He has recently dived into video, creating YouTube content, and taking guest roles on podcasts within his area of expertise. 

He started creating videos interviewing local restaurant managers and posting them. The quality wasn’t necessarily top-notch, but they started getting a large number of views. He started creating from the idea that these videos helped not only him, but also business owners get more customers. “You can produce a lot of videos that are fun and easy to make, but really get you nowhere in your business,” Rick explains. 

He and Grant talk about how some agents put so much work into making videos look “perfect” but in reality, the imperfect, quickly put-together videos are the ones that really do well. Successful agents creating video content behind the scenes of a high-level professional video shoot see more views on that content than the professionally made videos. The bottom line is that people want to see the real you.

“When they look and see breadth and depth of content, they can see that you are a master in your field, it validates you… that might push you over the edge with a potential seller or buyer.” Rick says.

“Getting started [with video] was very messy… most of your early videos are going to be really terrible!” Rick says as he laughs. If you can get past those, it is then a matter of getting comfortable so you look more natural in front of the camera. Go into a video with the goal that you are going to say in ten minutes what most take an hour to say. Putting a listing video together to send out ahead of time can be a great way to get in front of competition and it also makes listing appointments go much smoother. You don’t have to sell as much, because you’ve already done that through video; then you can spend that time in person closing the deal.

Witly teaches clients to build a para-social relationship. You don’t actually know people in this relationship, but they are willing to fight for you because they’ve seen who you are through video. Whether you feel like you look or sound good, you are creating a psychologically proven relationship with people you might not even really know you because you’ve taken time to create videos that establish you as an expert in your market. Let the video work for you!

“Really embrace who you are,” Rick explains, “You become known for the personality you put out in your videos. People hang out with who they bond with, and they will refer you to other people like them.” 

Rick’s top four pieces of advice:

  1. Just do it!
  2. Don’t wait on professional videographers to help you do it, just create what you can.
  3. Consistently put out new product for people to consume a few times a week. If you are going to say something more than once record it and put it out there.
  4. Follow leaders in the field and observe best practices.

You can connect with Rick through his cell phone (303) 589-2320