On the Client Generation Podcast, you’ll hear from the most influential leaders in the Real Estate industry, as they dive deep into helping you understand how to generate leads, build your brand, and convert more customers through innovative marketing and sales strategies.

Systems and Processes with Jesse Zagorsky | EP. 111

Jesse Zagorsky is a team leader of eXp Realty out of San Diego, California, and creator of the agent power huddle group on Facebook. He has […]

Creating Entertaining Content with Bob Tompkins | EP. 110

Bob Tompkins is a 28-year-old Real Estate agent out of South Carolina.  He has been an agent for five years, but both of his parents were […]

Dominating the Mortgage Industry Using Video Marketing with Shivani Peterson | EP. 109

Shivani Peterson is a 2020 top-producing loan officer at All Western Mortgage. She has been in the industry for nine years and has done a phenomenal […]

The Importance of Creating Relatable Content with Phil Treadwell | EP. 108

Phil Treadwell is the host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast and the National Director of Thrive Mortgage. He is driven to help real estate and […]

Transforming Your Business Using Remarketing with David Sodemann | EP. 107

David Sodemann is a Realtor with Realty ONE Group out of Iowa and Georgia. He has been a full-time real estate agent for twelve years but […]

Adding Value & Attracting Business with Josue Soto | Ep. 106

Josue Soto is the CEO of the Soto Legacy Group out of Orlando, Florida. He and his wife owned a brokerage for the last ten years […]

A Marketing-First Approach to Building Businesses with Matt Fagioli | EP. 105

Matt Fagioli has been in sales since he was 19 years old and dove into the real estate market twenty years ago. Using his background in […]

Be Yourself and Brand Yourself with Laurie and Kalene | EP. 104

Laurie Derickson and Kalene Zaabadick are two highly successful real estate agents with eXp Realty out of Colorado Springs. Formerly working in education, they both decided […]

Story Telling = Conversion with Michelle Berman | EP 103

Michelle Berman is CEO of Berman Media PD and founder of the Instagram Power Method. Michelle was an athlete her entire life and decided to take […]

Follow the Trend with Sekou Pyle | EP. 102

Sekou has had the honor of working with some of the super stars of various industries. His success is directly related to the growth and success […]

Create Opportunities For Success with Robert Syslo | EP 101

Robert Syslo- Content Creation That Pays Off Robert started doing video production around 15 years old. He realized it could be a career. He did freelance […]

Building a Referral Based Business with Will Penney | Episode 100

Will Penney is the President of Penney Real Estate Company and has been in real estate for 32 years. He started his own independent real estate […]

How to Win More Listings with Justin Lundy & Breeana Arellano | Episode 99

Bree and Justin are both realtors who have been in the market for 5 years. They realized that as realtors there are so many pain points […]

Getting Started With Video with Rick Janson | Episode 98

Rick became a realtor in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. He loves helping people make decisions and teaching others. He sold over 10 million dollars in the […]

Marketing Your Properties with Peter Schravemade| Episode 97

Peter Schravemade works for BoxBrownie.com which edits Real Estate property photos. The concept revolved around giving agents the power to one-up their marketing game, specifically property […]

Creating Videos and Building Your Brand with Ace Watanasuparp | Episode 96

Ace is currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Citizens Bank for Residential Lending in New York. Ace has expanded into new markets and captured […]

Video Basics for a Changing Market with Business Video School | Episode 95

Business Video School got started when guests Nick and Jeff met and started exchanging ideas about building a school to start teaching business owners how to […]

Solving Problems With a Virtual Assistant with Pavel Stepanov | Episode 94

Pavel Stepanov is a Business Developer at Virtudesk. They help small businesses solve problems with their virtual assistant services. They handle calendars, cold calling, prospect calling, […]

The Power of Perspective with Marshall Sylver | Episode 93

Marshall Sylver is the world’s number one hypnotist, a best-selling author, and eight-figure CEO. He was born into an eleven-kid home and dealt with homelessness. He […]

Optimizing Your Time and Business Strategy with Rocket Station | Episode 92

Grant interviewed Robert Nickell from Rocket Station, a company that helps generate outsourcing content and provides a custom strategy for your company. Many agents think they […]

The Path to Achieving Big Goals with Focus | Episode 91

Setema is an Entrepreneur, Coach to Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Pro-Athletes. He is a Best-Selling Author of Winning After the Game, as well as a speaker […]

Getting Into the Wholesale Game | Episode 90

David Dodge is a Real Estate Investor in St. Louis, Missouri. He wrote a book called The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate. His business has […]

How to Stay Top-of-Mind | Episode 89

Sean Carpenter has spent 21 years in real estate. He grew up in Columbus, OH and then went on to University of Florida. After college Sean […]

Introducing Client Generation Podcast

We want you to know that we are changing the name of the podcast to the Client Generation Podcast. Over the years, we have discovered what it […]

A CRM That Does The Heavy Lifting For You | Episode 87

Eleni Somershield’s the chief operating officer at Wise Agent. She has a degree in computer science. She is a developer and programer, she’s been in the […]

Marketing to Attract Higher End Clients with Roh Habibi | Episode 86

  Roh Habibi is a luxury real estate expert in San Francisco, CA. Featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing in San Francisco, Roh is sought after […]

Mastering Your Brand Through Digital and Social Marketing | Episode 85

Chris Kubbernus is a master of social and digital marketing. He knew he wanted to be in marketing as young as 12 years old, reading books […]

The Hard Truth About Most Agent Follow-Up Systems | Episode 84

Luke is President of Reminder Media. He graduated with a degree in computer science. He started a website business after college called Next Mark with his […]

Upping Your Branding and Visibility with Matt Proctor | Episode 83

On this week’s Podcast of Marketing Genius, we talk to Matt Proctor, Director of Content Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for HomeLight. He has worked with […]

Marketing Your Listings Using Video with Ed Hutchinson | Episode 82

  Today, we hear from Ed Hutchinson, a Real Estate Agent working in Los Angeles capitalizing on making video tours of homes to create and close […]

Training, Marketing, & More with Jay Papasan | Episode 81

Jay Papasan is a bestselling author and serves as vice president and executive editor at Keller Williams Realty Inc, the world’s largest real estate company. He […]

From Losing to Leading with Jon Cheplak | Episode 80

  Strategies and tactics will help you create some change in your life but it may be artificial if you haven’t done the work on yourself […]

How To Build An Incredible Team with Travis Robertson | Episode 79

Travis Robertson is a business coach who specializes in helping real estate agents and team leaders rapidly scale their businesses and their incomes. As the creator […]

Developing Confidence with Confidence Guru Heather Monahan | Episode 78

  Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Boss In Heels. Having successfully climbed the corporate ladder for nearly 20 years, […]

How to Master Video Marketing with Krista Mashore | Episode 77

  If you want to be inspired, you’re not going to want to miss this interview with Krista Mashore.    Coach, author, trainer, speaker, and broker […]

Episode 76: Interview w/ Coach Micheal Burt

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by none other than Coach Micheal Burt. Coach Burt is […]

Episode 75: Interview w/ Noelle Nielsen

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by none other than Noelle Nielsen, the founder of Bright […]

Episode 74: Interview w/ Rob Nickell

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, the founder of Rocket Station, Rob Nickell, stopped in, to explain everything you need to know about […]

Episode 73: Interview w/ Calvin Curry

On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, Calvin Curry the CEO and Founder of Smart Agents, joined me to discuss all things marketing. We went […]

Episode 72: Interview w/ David Tal

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with David Tal, Co-Founder and CEO of Agentology. If […]

Episode 71: Interview w/ James Arthur Ray

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, I had the amazing opportunity to meet with James Arthur Ray, one of the foremost experts in […]

Episode 70: Interview w/ Seth White

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, I had the opportunity to catch up with Seth White, an old friend and local attorney. I […]

Episode 69: Interview w/ Gogo Bethke

  No matter your situation, controlling the things you can control will allow you to focus on activities that add value to your business and life. […]

Episode 68: Interview w/ Matt McCutcheon

  I am almost certain, that the key to life is helping and serving those around us. I’ve always had a vision of helping people reach […]

Episode 67: Interview with Eli Wilde

  Life is often about trial and error. Today’s guest spent time living in a tent in his twenties, transitioned into acting in Hollywood, then moved […]

Episode 66: Interview with Rob Chevez

  There is a BIG difference between being a real estate agent and running a business. On this episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, Rob Chevez […]

Episode 65: Interview with Barry Jenkins

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast we met up with real estate mastermind, Barry Jenkins. We talked all about Barry’s journey in the […]

Episode 64: Interview with Michael England

  In this episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, we had an awesome conversation with Michael England about the changing market, changes in advertising, and how […]

Ep 63: Interview with Greg Chaffin

  In this episode of the Marketing Genius podcast, we caught up with Greg Chaffin, Marketing Director of First Funding. In times like these, it’s important […]

Ep. 62: Interview with Jonathan Hawkins

  Former Intelligence Officer, Jonathan Hawkins, shows us how stories impact the brain and how we can use them to grow an incredible brand in the […]

Episode 61: Interview with Chris Tosswill of Addressable

  In this episode of the Marketing Genius podcast, I got to interview the founder of Addressable, Chris Tosswill. A former Facebook Developer, Chris has built […]

Episode 60: Suneet Agarwal

  In this episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, we caught up with Suneet Agarwal. A California Real Estate legend, Suneet and I talked about all […]

Episode 59: Interview with Ronnie George

  In this Marketing Genius Podcast interview, we caught up with Ronnie George, the owner of The George Group. The George group is one of the […]

Episode 58: Interview with Dustin Brohm

  In this episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, we caught up Dustin Brohm, creator of The Massive Agent Podcast. Dustin Brohm is the host of […]

EP.57: Interview With Brand Face

In this episode we get to hear from not only one, but two huge names in the industry. Tonya Eberhart and Michael carr, that together make […]

EP.56: Interview With Keri Shull

In this episode Grant Wise has a super informative and valuable conversation with the one and only, Keri Shull. When Keri was deciding what she wanted […]

EP.55: Interview With Brian Culhane

In this episode Grant Wise had the chance to catch up with Brian Culhane. As the cofounder of EXP Realty, you can imagine that he had […]

EP.54: Interview With Katie Lance

As a self-proclaimed “marketing nerd” Katie spent a few years in the business before she stepped out on her own. She’s now an entrepreneur, coach and […]

EP.53: Interview With Tim Harris

In this episode, Grant Wise got to hear from Tim Harris. Tim and his wife Julie have built an incredible business over the last thirty years […]

EP.52: Interview With Sam Debianchi

Tune in as Grant Wise sits down with Sam Debianchi. As soon as she starts talking you will likely be captivated by what she has to […]

EP.51: Interview With Luna Ge

In this episode we get to hear from Luna Ge, who has built a brand and for herself in the real estate industry in a unique […]

EP.50: Interview With Jason Cassity

In this episode Grant Wise connects with Jason Cassity to discuss his success in the real estate industry and what he did to get to where […]

EP.49: Interview With Chris Patille

In this episode Grant Wise catches up with Mr. Chris Patille. After spending the last eight years in the mortgage business, you can imagine that Chris […]

EP.48:Interview With Dusty Baker

In this episode Grant Wise catches up with California based Realtor, Dusty Baker. Right off the bat, Dusty’s smile and enthusiasm make you want to hear […]

EP.47: Interview With Lauren Taylor

In this episode Grant Wise gets to hear from Lauren Taylor, who will really blow you away with her perspective on being a Realtor. We hear […]

EP.46: Interview With Julie Youngblood

In this week’s episode, Grant Wise sits down with Julie Youngblood, who at 17 years old, graduated from high school with no idea what she wanted […]

EP.45: Interview With Brandon Wise

Brandon Wise was overwhelmed as he was beginning his career as a Realtor. He felt like he needed a system to keep everything in one place […]

EP.44: Interview With Dirk Zeller

An expert in all things real estate, Dirk Zeller, was a Top 10 Agent in the 10 state region at the height of his career as […]

EP.43: Building Monster Teams, Recruiting, and Automating it All

Joined by three of the country’s top producers, this podcast is filled with some pure gold on building teams, recruiting top talent, and building the systems […]

EP.42: Interview With Jay Baer

A Digital Marketing savant, Jay Baer got his start in the game back in 1993 when you could domain names for free, and the simple act […]

EP.41: Interview With Carl Allen

Carl Allen has been buying and selling businesses for the last twenty-six years. Although he lives in the UK now, he says he grew up on […]

EP.40: Interview With Chris Smith

Early in his career, Chris Smith worked for Lou Pearlman (of the Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, and other major acts) and Dan Gilbert (founder and creator of […]

EP.39: Interview With Dr. Lee Davenport

Dr. Lee Davenport grew up in a real estate family, with both mom and dad in real estate investing. Because mom and dad worked so hard, […]

EP.38: Brindley Tucker

Brindley Tucker got her start as soon as she got out of college when she went to work on Wall Street. She says her secret has […]

EP.37: Interview With Michael Hellickson

Hellickson started selling real estate in 1991 and believes greatly that people get further together. As a coach that mainly deals with helping people develop and […]

EP.36: Interview With Verl Workman

Verl Workman has been training and speaking directly to real estate agents for twenty years. His first company he sold to Homes.com during the .com frenzy […]

EP.35: Interview With David Huffman

David Huffman is the founder of Closings on Demand. He has been in the real estate industry for sixteen years, spending fourteen of those in production. […]

EP.34: Interview With Preston Schmidli

Once Preston Schmidli realized the need for marketing in insurance, he knew that it had the same application in real estate. He left his insurance company […]

EP.33: Interview With Bubba Mills

Bubba Mills grew up with his mother, a single parent, who worked in the finance industry. He best remembers doing homework underneath her desk as she […]

EP.32: Interview With Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Pietz has parked herself in the marketing industry and is the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial in the title and escrow […]

EP.31: Interview With Tyler Jack Harris

Four years ago, Tyler Jack Harris had just gone through catastrophic marriage and business failures, and was at a place where he did not know what […]

EP. 30: Interview With Jessie Morfin

Jessie Morfin, 37, lives in San Bernardino, CA has been in real estate sales for fifteen of the last twenty years. In the last five years, […]

EP. 29: Interview With Ricky Carruth

As a child, Ricky Carruth was keenly aware that he could beat anyone at anything he simply put the time and effort in. This notion carried […]

EP. 28: Interview with Stanley Rosen

Stanley Rosen has worked for the Keyes real estate company for the last ten years. He’s been in customer service solely for the last twenty, starting […]

EP. 27: Interview with Howard Tager

Tager, currently the CEO/Founder of Ylopo, considers himself a serial entrepreneur/ business-owner and real estate investor. He got his start two years out of college when […]

EP. 26: Interview with Hoss Pratt

Hoss Pratt grew up in southwest Missouri working on a dairy farm, barely making it through college. He knew that he was destined for greatness, and […]

EP. 25: Interview with Michael Lafido

This week we have an exclusive Marketing Genius Podcast interview with Michael Lafido! Listen below as he shares his insights for success!

EP. 24: Positioning Yourself to Grow Your Brand and Originate More Business – With Chris Patille

In this episode Grant sits down with Chris Patille. Chris is one of the best social advertisers in the Mortgage Industry and the founder of Modern Mortgage Mastery. Listen in as Chris breaks down what he’s done to separate from his competition, cut out the middle man, and stand out by creating an exceptional brand on social. You won’t want to miss this!

EP. 23: Thinking Big, Acting Big, and Making a Lot of Money in a Successful Real Estate Business – With Shon Kokoszka

In this episode Grant sits down with Shon Kokoszka. Shon’s Founder of ICON Coaching – working with real estate professionals to improve their production, profit, and lifestyle. Shon’s been training agents for guys like Gary Keller, Realtor 21, REMAX, and many many others. You won’t want to miss out as Grant & Shon break down what it takes to accomplish your wildest goals.

EP. 22: An Interview With Sebastian Rusk

In this episode Grant sits down with Sebastian Rusk. Sebastian’s owns a digital story telling company based out of Miami and helps professionals around the country grow their business through content development, show creation, and branding through story telling! If you’re looking to become the local celebrity in your industry, you won’t want to miss this!

EP. 21: How To Work Smarter, Not Harder In Real Estate Business – With Stef Shock

In this episode Grant sits down with Stefanie Shock. Stefanie’s done everything from owning a brokerage in NYC to selling luxury real estate in the Bahamas to coaching in Denver. Check it out as Stef and Grant break down how she actually tripled her income during the housing market crash, instead of losing her business like most did.

EP. 20: An Interview With Owen Hemsath

In this episode Grant sits down with Owen Hemsath. Owen’s the founder of Owen Video – California Small Business of the Year Award Recipient. Check it out as Owen and Grant break down the entrepreneurial mindset and what it takes to run your own business. More specifically, how to use video to dominate your market.

EP. 19: How to Stay Relevant and Competitive Against Online Real Estate Goliaths – with Ryan King

In this episode Grant sits down with Ryan King. Ryan’s the founder of Foreclosure Magazine, King Realty Group, and VegasData.com. Listen in as Ryan breaks down what he’s done to separate from the pack, cut out the middle man, and stand out by controlling the narrative. You won’t want to miss this!

EP. 18: How to Build True Wealth in Your Business – With Joshua Smith

In this episode Grant sits down with Joshua Smith. Joshua’s sold over a BILLION dollars in real estate in his career and did over 650 transaction’s last year alone. You won’t want to miss out on this as they discuss how Josh’s history in health and fitness helped to show him how to be successful in real estate and how owning a gym gave him the skills to scale his real estate business.

EP. 17: An Interview With Italina Kirknis

In this episode Grant sits down with Italina Kirknis. Italina’s based out of Cali, but her company helps real estate pros all over the country manage their Social Media across all platforms, with an Emphasis on LinkedIn. You won’t want to miss out on this as they discuss how to use LinkedIn to grow your sphere, improve your brand, and grow your business.

EP. 16: An Interview With David Fanale

David’s been involved in EVERY facet of real estate for the last 3+ decades. From building homes and apartments to investing in and managing single family and multi-family complexes all while owning a brokerage. He’s seen it all. Don’t miss out as they discuss how to put systems and processes in place to become a successful real estate PROFESSIONAL, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.

EP. 15: Why the Drive-by Prospect is So Rich and How to Capitalize on the Opportunity – With Gary Elwood

In this episode Grant sits down with Gary Elwood. Gary’s company ProQuest has serviced more than 26,000 agents and generated more than 28,000,000 leads in its history. You won’t want to miss out on this as they discuss how to generate leads that convert at a radically high rate!

EP. 14: Mind over Matter – How to Create an Empire from Nothing With Michael Maher

This podcast is FILLED with some amazing advice for you on things like mindset, strategy, and even some simple and quick adjustments you can make to go out and start winning more business by winning more in life. Check out more about Michael J Maher at www.CallWithCoach.com

EP. 13: An Interview With Whitney Nicely

Take a listen as Grant interviews special guest Whitney Nicely about her recent experience and how she continues to change up and improve her hustle.

EP. 12: The Power of NO

Listen in as Grant dives into just how powerful the word “NO” can be, and why the realization that you can’t please everyone will radically improve your situation if you utilize it properly.

EP. 11: How The Real Estate Industry Is Destroying Itself

In this episode, Grant dives into why the real estate industry is destroying itself, whether it’s being a poor agent, improper training, or advancements in technology. Listen UP!

EP. 10: Why The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer

Grab your pen and paper as Grant will be taking you through a really powerful exercise. This concept, taught by some of the most successful people in the world, has changed the lives of more people than could be counted. Ready to understand what it takes to “Make It”? Listen up…

EP. 9: It’s A Relationship Business. Are You Tracking Yours?

Grant jumps into one the most vital, yet most underachieved aspects of real estate… Tracking and reporting on who are the most valuable relationships in your business.

EP. 8: Motivation Means Nothing Without…

Grant dives deep into some of the struggles he’s been through and the lessons he’s learned through failure. Although he’s always been a highly motivated person, it wasn’t until he discovered __________ that he found the true key to personal success.

EP. 7: Creating A Lead Frenzy In Your Business During The Holidays

In this episode, Grant goes into detail on the importance of creating a Lead Frenzy in your Real Estate business, even during the historically dead holiday season.

EP. 6: The Science Behind Targeting Your Ideal Client

In this episode, Grant breaks down the proven science behind targeting your ideal client, no matter who they are.

EP. 5: How To Generate Sellers in NO-Inventory Markets

Grant discusses the techniques he’s tested and proven for generating motivated sellers in a NO-Inventory market.

Ep. 4: Be Grateful

In this episode, Grant breaks down the value of having true gratitude for what you already have and how you can use that gratitude to grow and improve your business and your life.

Ep. 3: Are You Sabotaging Conversion Rates?

Grant discusses ways real estate agents often kill their conversion rates for online leads. He focuses on learning to love the process by applying his proven strategies to optimize your real estate business through social media marketing and advertising. Please be sure to rate and review with your feedback!

Ep. 2: The Value Of Video

Grant discusses why video is a key business investment for real estate entrepreneurs to nurture and grow relationships with prospective clients. Learn how to overcome the fear of being behind the camera and use video to its full marketing potential! Be sure to rate and review with your feedback!

Ep. 1: Becoming Internet Famous

Learn how to choose effective marketing strategies to amplify your real estate business, including the pros and cons of paid vs. organic media. Be sure to rate and review with your feedback!