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Phil Treadwell is the host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast and the National Director of Thrive Mortgage. He is driven to help real estate and mortgage professionals have a more modern and relevant business, and social media marketing is his passion. Born and raised in Missouri, Phil got his business degree and planned on taking over his father’s construction business but went to work for a mortgage company instead. He opened a broker shop and sold it to Wells Fargo right before the recession. Realizing it was hard to connect with people out of state, he sparked an interest in content marketing.  After discovering Gary V, he began focusing on social media, specifically Instagram. He started an Instagram page where he shared mortgage tips, and it began gaining traction. Once he realized he needed more content ideas, he started the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast to create more content for his social media accounts. Eventually, the podcast blew up, and he was able to have some fantastic guests on the show to share their expertise. 


“Effective marketing is the balance of trust and attention,” Phil explains the importance of documenting your life, attracting people with shared interests, and being relatable. He discusses how so many people who are used to operating their business the traditional way are stuck with feeling like they need to put on a show as a professional when they should focus on their reputation, being authentic, and creating value. “We haven’t done a great job as an industry of really providing that information the same way people consume it in almost every other vertical.” 


When asked what the byproduct of social media marketing from a sales perspective is, Phil explains, “You are going to reach people on a mass scale that you would never have otherwise…If you talk about what you do, if you’re talking about how you do it, you’ve got to really have a good understanding of it, and people are going to be able to see that you have experience and authority on it.” Your business must show people the value you can bring them and how you have helped past clients. “Leadership is influencing, and we are all influencing people positively or negatively whether we like it or not.” It is essential to share your story rather than just conveying facts. You can share facts, but why does that fact matter to you? Share a story that taught you something, and you will have content. You can share other people’s content that resonates with you and give your opinion on it. 


When asked how he coaches people who have trouble targeting a specific audience when they don’t want to “limit themselves,” Phil answers, “I want to tell people to realize that niching down or choosing a segment of the industry to focus on doesn’t limit you; it actually makes you more referable.” He explains that it makes you more memorable. Everyone knows someone who is a realtor. How do you stand out? The real estate industry is so broad that people will not listen if you are not an expert in a specific niche. Phil shares stories about how he has experienced firsthand how valuable it is to share content about your interests. Sharing something as simple as how you enjoy scotch could relate to someone and ultimately makes them reach out to you and start building a relationship. The purpose of creating content is to create conversation. 


Phil speaks about how some industry parts are still limiting their agents and loan officers from posting certain things on specific platforms because of their fear of compliance laws. “Trying to censor social media because it opens the business to liability, I think, is an excuse; I think it’s short-sighted, and as licensed professionals, we need to be treated as licensed professionals.” People need to pay attention to what they are sharing and making sure it is in line with the rules and regulations, but it is moving too fast for regulators to keep up, so don’t let compliance get in the way of content. 


If you would like to connect with Phil, you can find him on Instagram @philtreadwell.