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June 24, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Episode 75: Interview w/ Noelle Nielsen


On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by none other than Noelle Nielsen, the founder of Bright Birch Real Estate. She is well known for her awesome marketing videos and innate ability to tell a story. Prior to her real estate career, she ran an award-winning, published photography business and practiced law. Her unique background and efforts to create genuine, lasting relationships with people has helped her become a top producing agent.

“Most of the people that get into real estate come from a variety of backgrounds,” says Noelle, and that is part of the reason she wanted to get into the industry in the first place. She also realized that agents all have one goal in common, they want to help people. Noelle initially wanted to be a lawyer because of her drive to be of service, but she quickly found out that is not what lawyers do. She was “too social” to be an hourly attorney, because she was constantly bothered by people coming in and out of the office to chat.

During her time at law school however, Noelle started a photography business as her side-hustle. Quickly into her time as an attorney, Noelle started making more money from her side-hustle photography business than she did in her “real” job. This lead Noelle to pursue photography full time!

Noelle practiced as a professional photographer for 7 years, learning the value of story telling through images. However, while her photography business was extremely lucrative, it was also very repetitive. “I got to the point where I was like, ‘if I see another wedding dress I am going to puke,’ I couldn’t handle it anymore,” Noelle’s passion for photography had seriously waned and she wanted to pursue something that made her feel more accomplished and happy.

She then went and got her real estate license to make her way in this crazy industry. While still running her business as a professional photographer, Noelle, was not “intentional” with her real estate career. “Deals just kind of fell in my lap,” Nielsen had the problem that many agents have early in their career. She wasn’t able to start really generating a lot of deals until she put her full focus on her real estate business. That is where her idea of being very intentional in her marketing came from. She decided that she would focus all of her energy on being the best real estate agent that she could be, and in turn the content that she was putting out showed that intentionality.

Noelle started creating content that showed her immediate sphere of influence, “I am 100% committed to being a real estate agent, and here’s why.” The power of video content is the psychology behind it. Everyone that watched Noelle’s videos started to form what psychologists call a “parasocial relationship”, basically a one-sided relationship in which a viewer feels like they know the person they are watching. Noelle is in complete control of the messages that she allows viewers to associate to her name and builds her self as the authority in real estate for her community.

If you want to convert leads and make more deals you have to be in the front of someone’s mind. Noelle says this is the reason that video marketing is so powerful. You are able to spread a piece of content to as many eyes as possible, much more than the amount of people you can call in a day. “Just show up more often on social media,” says Noelle, “it’s like free door knocking.”

In order to run a more successful business, you have to focus on the things that you are best at. Video re-marketing is a system that can operate itself, while cold-calling is a system that takes picking up the phone and dialing. The former is more hands-off, saving time and money. If you want to get to the things that you do best like negotiating deals and expanding your team, you definitely want systems in place that save you time.

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing yourself or you business on auto-pilot, you definitely want to check out this podcast!