The ONLY 3 Marketing Campaigns You Need in Real Estate Right Now

The ONLY 3 Marketing Campaigns You Need in Real Estate Right Now

Have you been trying to figure out how to market your real estate business with social media or Facebook but don’t know where to start?

Would it interest you to learn how to sell your listings in less than 30 days with a strategic Facebook marketing plan?

If you’ve been struggling to convert, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and if you want to turn more leads into commission checks, these three Facebook marketing campaigns are ALL you need.

It’s true. These campaigns are incredibly effective if implemented correctly. The problem some people have is that they are missing key components in their social marketing strategy that results in a lack of consistency and few or no conversions.

But if you want to start 2017 strong by marketing through social, I can teach you how to market to both buyers and sellers and grow your leads like crazy. I will help you automate your process and close more deals. Follow these strategies and you will see more commission checks.


The 3 Simple Facebook Marketing Campaigns to Scale Your Real Estate Business

Most people think that growing their business on social media boils down to likes and interaction. But in actuality it’s about having a very clear objective and offering something to people that they aren’t getting from anyone else.

I’m going to walk you through our three most effective marketing strategies: the Homes List, the Social Listing Method, and the Guide Funnel.

Strategy 1: The Homes List

This campaign is responsible for an incredible amount of business. The beautiful thing is that it’s such a simple campaign and is great for generating leads from both buyers and sellers. It requires an ad with a little text, a few images of some of the homes that are available in your market, a landing page, and a list of available homes that you have curated.

To start, create a report on homes for sale in your market area. Develop a simple landing page.  Create and boost a Facebook post that invites them to get a free report on homes for sale in your market.

What do you put in your ad? Simply tell them your offer to receive a free listing of homes in their area. Include a link to the landing page, a call to action, and some pictures of homes on your list. The point is to have a very clear objective and offer something to people they may not think they can get anywhere else. And, obviously, get them on your leads list by collecting their email address through your landing page.

What goes on the landing page?

Don’t let the landing page scare you. This doesn’t need to be fancy and you don’t need an entire website. A simple page that you can create with Instapage does the trick. Include pretty much the same text as the Facebook ad, a background picture of a nice available house, and a call to action asking them to enter their name and email address to receive the list.

Once they have entered that information, they are directed to a squeeze page which offers an upgrade. For example, this time it might be asking them to fill out information to get a report on the value of their home. This form would require more information. Name, address, etc. Now you have collected even more information on this lead through a very simple form and process.

Strategy 2: Social Listing Method Strategy

This campaign is really an underutilized marketing campaign, but can help you sell a listing ridiculously fast. You’re probably already familiar with posting pictures of the homes that are available in this market, but the strategy we use is far more effective than that.

Your ad should include a line of text to grab your market’s attention. For example: Attention all San Antonio residents! Check out this amazing house. Follow that with a link to your landing page, include the 1st 2 sentences from the MLS description, your link again, an urgent call to action, and your contact info.


Check out all of the pictures of this awesome house:
Lead page link
MLS description (1st 2 sentences)
Lead page link
Learn more about this house now! Act now, this house won’t last throughout the weekend.
Call or text with pictures. 555-555-5555
Add pictures of front of house, kitchen, backyard, living area, master bedroom, and bedrooms all in the Facebook ad.

Once you’ve grabbed their attention and they have clicked your link, they’ll arrive on a simple landing page with some info about the house (1st two sentences from MLS), where you will collect their information (name and email). Once they enter that information, they’ll go to a “Thank You” page with more pictures of the house. You can then ask them to sign up for similar home listings, and collect even more information about them.

This strategy is so effective for selling homes because of the ability to directly target buyers in the area of the listing. You can ensure every single buyer in your area is receiving information in a way that no one else is providing it. You are solving a problem no one else is. We have people selling houses in less than 2 weeks using this strategy.

Strategy 3: Guide Funnels Strategy

This strategy allows you to catch your audience’s attention by offering them a very useful sellers’ or buyers’ guide. Once they reach the landing page, you’ll send them through a series of pages (a funnel) in order to educate them more on the process and build trust. The coolest thing about using Facebook ads is the amount of information you can target to get the ad to the right people.

You set this ad up by grabbing their attention through some questions or identifying some of the pain points, in the buying/selling process. You provide an offer for them to receive their free buyer/seller guide by clicking the link.  The ad should include pictures of houses with a text overlay showing how many days it took to sell it. So you might include 4 images of houses with the stamps: Sold in 2 days, sold in 4 days, etc.

Once they arrive on the landing page, you’ll use an image of a guide and the text will be something like: “Free report reveals how to sell your home in Alexandria” and will list some key bullet points about what the report includes.

Once again, you’ll collect their name and email address, but this time, the second page will tell them their report is on the way. While they are waiting, they can learn more about selling their home if you include a short video with some information.

Page 3 is essentially a seller’s or buyer’s presentation, providing useful information on the process. Tell them about the strategy of selling their home, and tell them how to do it. But then make sure they know why they should let YOU sell the home for them.

This funnel allows you to the opportunity to be the first person they see when looking to sell/buy their home. Because of the targeting strategies that we told you about at the beginning of the post, you’re able to show up to right people through the correct marketing strategy in a way they want.

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So, now you know our favorite and most effective strategies. If you need help implementing or want to learn more information about how to use Facebook ads, schedule a free call with us. We would love to chat with you.