Should I Make Money Or Build A Business?

Should I Make Money Or Build A Business?

One of the things that frustrates me is to see real estate agents who are seeking the instant gratification of closing a sale and making money rather than focusing on the long term success of their business.

However, if you’re really in this to grow a successful business that provides long term financial gain and security, you can’t focus on the NOW. You need to ask yourself the question: “Am I trying to make money OR am I trying to build a business?”

What am I talking about exactly? Don’t we all want to make money in our business?

Sure, but you’re a business owner, and you need to change your mentality to reflect that. You’ve got to stop focusing on the NOW and the instant gratification of a commission check and focus on building your business.

Think about it. In our industry, if you can close even 1% of your leads, you’re doing well. That leaves 99% of your leads that are not ready to buy yet. They might not be ready to do anything for 6 months, 8 months, maybe even a year. That’s 99% of your business that does not fall into the NOW but falls into the long term.

How do you shift the focus?

Sometimes in running a business there is a lot of risk, monetary investment, marketing, and other things that don’t always produce an immediate return on investment (ROI). That has to be okay. Your focus has to shift from immediate gratification to building a pipeline that will continue to bring in sales and closings month after month. You build that pipeline by working consistently in your business, continuing to generate leads, and converting those leads.

An example I like to use with parents is the nurturing process of having children. How long does it take you to raise your children? A long time. You nurture them along to get them to their current state. It takes years.

Your business also takes time to nurture and grow. Especially online leads. Sure, you still want to hustle and close all the deals we can, but you’ve also got to be focused on something more than just the money you’re trying to make right now.

Stop being NOW focused

Being NOW focused won’t do you much good. You know what you are every time you close a transaction? You’re unemployed! If you aren’t being consistent in your business building tactics and building that pipeline of business, you’re not going to have a thriving business that you can work ON and not IN.

However, if you focus on building your database, collecting leads, building that pipeline of future business, month after month, you will continue to have business coming in. This process takes time, it takes nurturing, and it takes consistent action even when no one is responding to you. But doing it this way is going to elevate you to an entirely different playing field.

Did you know that only 4-6% of the entire real estate does MOST of the business? That’s because they are business focused, not money focused.

My challenge to you is to take consistent actions daily, get more leads, and nurture those leads. Keep reaching out, touching, texting, emailing, sending videos, spending money on your marketing efforts, and doing all the things we teach in our program and focus on growing your business. You will see insane growth, but it takes time.

So ask yourself: Am I trying to make money now or am I trying to build a business?

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