I’m Joining the Protest

I’m Joining the Protest

We’ve seen an incredible number of protests over the past few weeks, months, and even last calendar year. That’s to be expected. 2016 was an election year and we are moving through transition to a brand new Presidential administration. I’ve decided to stop sitting on the sidelines, jump into the crowd, and march for my own values. I am joining the protest movement.

My protest, however, is different. It’s not against a piece of legislation, an institution, or even a brand. I’m protesting against all of you that are not living up to your potential; that are not living out your ideal days all day every day right now; that are obstructing your own development.

To those of you who are actively working everyday towards making your dream life a reality I salute you. I stand for you. I will fight for you because I know it is not easy. It takes commitment, relentless effort, focus, courage, and gratitude. These are very simple concepts to grasp, but they are not easy to act on everyday.

It takes organization, forethought, planning and reflection to identify exactly what it is that you want out of your business; what you want for yourself; and what you want for your family.

  • I’m here to protest the bullshit story you’ve been telling yourself all of these years.
  • I’m here to protest the fears that have controlled your mind; the excuses you’ve made for your complacency; the narratives you’ve accepted from others.
  • I’m here to protest your lack of action when it comes to living out your dreams.

I’m here to ask you straight up, “What’s your problem?” I’m not trying to be harsh, but…I’m trying to be harsh. I need you to fess up and stare your fears right back in the face. It’s time.

I understand life changes are scary, but you need to first identify the root cause of your fear before you can move past it. Are you afraid of failure? Do you think your current financial, practical, or marital obligations prevent you from making serious life changes? Maybe you think you are fundamentally flawed or that your success will make you a traitor to your roots. Maybe you think that more success brings more burdens or that your sibling should be the shining star of the family.

I never accepted my own excuses so I’m damn sure not going to accept yours

The list goes on and on. I get it. Believe me. I get it, but here’s the thing: All of these fears are the same. They all hold you back and keep you from rising up to live a life of abundance that can be yours if I can just get you to do a few simple things: commit to facing your fears, design a new mindset, create an action plan, remove all of the negativity from your life, and get into the habit of being grateful.

This is how you get on the road to abundance. Once you do these things, you will create real change in your life and in your business. You will have an impact on everyone around you and you’ll become an inspiration to others.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

If you don’t, you can count on me to be in your face with my favorite protest sign: “Hustle, Never Quit!”

Now go get to work.