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June 26, 2020
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Episode 76: Interview w/ Coach Micheal Burt


On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by none other than Coach Micheal Burt. Coach Burt is known as “America’s Coach” and has helped thousands of people realize their full potential through Dr. Stephen Covey’s “Whole Person Theory”. This would become a staple of Burt’s coaching philosophy and one that would separate him from many of his contemporaries and create a niche for Burt even to this day. We discussed everything from Coach Burt’s backstory to his epic rise through the ranks of high school coaches.

Coach Burt has always been an avid sports fan. At just 6 years old Burt was playing baseball everyday at a local baseball field/daycare. Even at such a young age, Burt had a great understanding of the game and how to motivate his teammates. His coach even told him at the time, “you’re going to be a great coach when you’re older.” So, from the age of 6 Burt felt a pull to be a coach. At just 18 years old Burt was hired as the head coach for his elementary school’s basketball team, and lead them to a league championship.

It was also at this time that Coach Burt began to study the work of Dr. Steven Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. He was quickly drawn to Covey’s “Whole Person Theory” which aims to help people produce at higher levels  by speaking to and coaching their body (skill), mind (knowledge), heart (desire), and spirit (confidence). Burt’s study of this theory helped him to develop his coaching style, focusing on coaching a player as a whole person rather than just in skill or knowledge.

At just 19 years old, Coach Burt became the head freshman basketball coach at Riverdale High School, where he lead his first team to a 17-0 season. After his amazing debut as a head coach, Burt got the attention of the principal and the varsity head coach. After 3 years serving as the varsity assistant coach, Burt finally got the chance to become the head basketball coach for the Lady Warriors. Burt was named the youngest head coach in the state of TN at the second largest high school. He would employ “The Whole Person Theory” to begin building a national power house with seven 25+ win seasons, four conference titles, and one state championship, the first in the school’s 30+ year history. He would go on to win over 74% of all of his games by using his strategies and deep motivational skills.

Because of Burt’s unique knowledge of building a “competitive intelligence” into his players and how his teams performed he began being approached by other coaches asking, “what are you doing with those kids?” Instead of taking the time to explain the ins-and-outs of coaching using the “Whole Person Theory” Micheal started to write books explaining his process.  He was surprised to find that not only coaches wanted insight into his methods, but businesses also. Mortgage companies, realtors, and all sorts began asking the same questions that the coaches were asking, “how can I do this for my team?”

After building a championship program at Riverdale, Coach Burt retired to start his coaching company that now coaches people all over the wold on how to build a successful business culture. He coaches real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and everything under the sun. He also uses real estate investing as a funding mechanism for his Coaching Business.

“I’m coaching them on structures. How they explain their services, how they work a selling system to generate leads, how they follow-up appropriately, how they extract referrals, how they become people of interest,” these are the five key areas that Micheal is coaching his clients on now. It has yielded fantastic results with Micheal’s top Mortgage Producer earning well over $100M a year and his top real estate agent making over 160 deals a year. The key is to buy in, Micheal says, “there are people who won’t do the work, hardly show up, and then say it doesn’t work,” but his success stories far outweigh the number of people complaining.

Hard work and commitment are what help people be successful using any coaching program. If you do the bare minimum just to make it look like you care, it will show up in your results. But if you take the extra step and really invest in learning the techniques you are coached on, you can make them even better.

Ultimately, if you want to learn how to inner engineer yourself to be more successful, you need to focus on your skills, knowledge, desire, and confidence and this will lead you down a path of greatness.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Coach Burt you can find him @ https://www.coachburt.com 

Or you can find him on Youtube or IG.