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Upping Your Branding and Visibility with Matt Proctor | Episode 83

On this week’s Podcast of Marketing Genius, we talk to Matt Proctor, Director of Content Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for HomeLight. He has worked with HomeLight for almost 5 years, a company that specializes in matching home buyers and home sellers who perform well based on the statistics in their area.

Matt has been doing content marketing and SEO for 10-12 years. He got his start as a copy writer after he graduated from Florida State with an English degree. He built websites and learned more about online marketing. Matt has consulted for Fortune 500 brands.

Matt focuses on SEO, social media, email, television ads-which keeps them top of mind- paid ad words (SEM is a huge channel for them), FB advertising, and partnerships with other companies cross promoting.

What are some things that real estate agents can do to stand out when there is already so much noise?

Matt says, “Try and control your online reputation. Google is the #1 place your reputation exists. You do not exist if you are not on Google. They have such a huge control of the market share and the mindshare. If someone wants a market, they’re going to go there first.” He goes on to explain, “Even if someone sees your name on a billboard or in a marketing ad the first thing they’re going to do is google your name. So, the first thing I’d do as an agent is own that space, constantly tracking what is ranking for my name and how can I control the narrative and make sure my stuff is at the forefront for my name and my area.”

Matt emphasizes the importance of making sure that wherever your content is, whether it is your own website, Zillow, or his company’s site, HomeLight, that it is up-to-date and highlights all of your stats and achievements.

“Make sure your services are laid out on your site, client testimonials, social proof, if you know your stats and know your data, awards- put that on the products and services category to make sure that you are set apart from other agents in your area.”

Grant and Matt talked about the importance of creating content around the community to stay engaged with people in your area, “If I was a Real Estate Agent, I would go hyper local…you live in your community every single day! Organize a picnic on FB or Nextdoor.”

They also talked about the rise in technology, squelching fears about technology taking the place of agents, and the importance of understanding the customer.

Matt explains, “Technology is not going anywhere, and the agents who do really well will embrace it and leverage it in smart ways.”

It boils down to knowing your customer, “When you understand your customer, you realize that they’re a lot like you, which is a fun realization that we get to see the light bulb to go off, but put yourself in a situation to be yourself and brand yourself for who you are because you are the brand of your business,” says Grant.

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