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The Power of Perspective with Marshall Sylver | Episode 93

Marshall Sylver is the world’s number one hypnotist, a best-selling author, and eight-figure CEO. He was born into an eleven-kid home and dealt with homelessness. He started working full-time on a farm at ten years old, knowing that he had to provide for himself. He used the money he made to buy magic show props and began doing local shows. At age 23 he started doing hypnotism. He has led a successful career in his shows, going on to David Letterman and other popular talk shows to perform. He is the number one m

ost aired hypnotist.

He realized that the hypnotist and psychic market was huge- with call-in services making a million per day and TV making thirty-three million per day. He started up with $10,000 for an infomercial and in the first year that show made $120,000,000 in business. Since Marshall has done half a billion dollars.

He helps real estate professionals with three pieces of advice.

  1. “Turn up [your] wanting-ness!”, Marshall explains, “The difference between someone who produces and someone who produces at a big level always depends on their hunger.”
  2. Get all the doubt out of your head. Reprogram your mind for certain success! Even when you experience the little bumps in the road you know that in the end you will find victory. Be open to being happy and successful!
  3. Marshall explains his unfair advantage over others because of his ability to get into their minds and make them think that buying something from him was their idea. What this looks like in his own business is sending out an email to audiences asking them to sign up for a return visit to learn how he did the first show. Collecting data is a huge part of the process so that you know how to grow further. He uses cold reading on body language when he is working an audience.

When you’re young in your twenties, you begin to get knocked down over and over and decide, “I just want to get by!” The challenge with that is changing the focus from our failures to our successes. The question shouldn’t be, “How much do I want this?” but, “How much can I make on this?” When you give agents this certainty, they can gain the velocity they need to make things happen. How we make money takes up a majority of our life, so if what you’re doing is something you want to disconnect from, then you need to get away from it. What you want is what you’re going to do well in, monetize, and grow through.

When Marshall is with his kids, he tries to instill the sense of certain success. If they are playing a game and they say something like, “I’m going to lose,” he encourages them to not declare an outcome until the last play has been made. Until then, he asks them to play with certainty of success.

“I always ask myself, even though I don’t want this what could be good about it?” He explains, “What is it that the universe, in my case God, is wanting me to learn from this?” Perspective is important when you are looking at the good and the bad. When you keep things in perspective, the little things don’t seem so bad.

“I like to find joy in the things,” he says, “find your life interesting because it makes everything easier.”

Connect with Marshall on Facebook @TheMarshallSylver, go to Sylver.com, or certaintytheatre.com
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