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Bree and Justin are both realtors who have been in the market for 5 years. They realized that as realtors there are so many pain points between scheduling, touring, listing, and trying to get feedback from listing agents to clients. They created Lundy as a super intuitive program to build your own custom Alexa skill. When you use their platform to build information into the skill, when agents are touring properties, they can ask common questions like, “How old is the roof?” or “Tell me about the property”.  Buyers can also use Lundy through the Alexa app or through their phone from anywhere in the world.

The agents that have used Lundy as intended have been able to connect with homeowners on a deeper level because the information that they want buyers to know are so accessible. The homeowners can tell the story of their home, which takes it to a new level. There are also repetitive benefits that save you time when you don’t have to repeat common questions from buyers over and over; the information is all there!

Agents using their platform can win more business by building custom skills prior to the listing appointment to “wow” your client. All the information that sellers want to tell you can sit in the Alexa device now. This service would be hard to build on your own, but through Lundy it is easy. They pull public knowledge about the house, and then there is a list of 90 questions that can be answered. The homeowners have their own dashboard to answer questions, edit, or redo answers. Then they are able to hear exactly how Alexa will communicate about their own home. 

Lundy has a sign display that agents can use to know that Alexa is a tool for them to use when they are showing the home. 

The time that agents can save makes their service worth it. For the listing agent, they spend about five minutes per listing. The homeowners have the bulk of the workload, but they are stories that they enjoy and want to tell about their home. 


The echo dot is not included in the service, but agents have found that they like giving clients an Alexa Dot as their closing gift. However, many clients already have an Alexa that they can use the service for as it is universal on any Alexa device.

You can connect with Bri and Justin on getlundy.io you can find a video on how it works. They are doing a pre-sale right now so that anyone who signs up gets $25 and you get an Alexa Dot for each referral. Their service is $99 which includes your first 12 listings.