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The Importance of Building Your RE Office Dream Team with Kyle Draper | EP. 112

Kyle Draper is the leader of the Serene Team in Los Angeles, Ca. He used to run a record label and was split between real estate and music. He would use the money he made through real estate to fund his record label, but he decided to focus on real estate after getting audited. As a result, Kyle has spent the last year growing his team and building systems that allowed him to produce higher volume. 

 When asked how he managed to increase his sales volume, he attributes that to building his team, “The bottleneck is the need for your admin, and you know, financially when you take on another salesperson that’s easy because you’re just cutting the commission up whereas the admin is more of a salary position which is more out of pocket cost, so I get why people are sometimes resistant to go there, but that is absolutely step number one.” He discusses the importance of having your systems in place before you bring on an admin to know exactly what tasks to delegate because, without the methods, you really can’t scale. Operating his business this way allows him to focus more on the business rather than the day-to-day tasks. 

When analyzing campaigns at first, Kyle thought he needed to mimic what he saw working for other people, but he quickly realized it did not work in his market. He then pivoted toward being a more authentic and not-so “cookie-cutter” businessman and saw a dramatic increase in reaching his target client. Once Kyle figured out who he wanted to work with, it helped him figure out the type of content he wanted to put out. For example, he was after millennial first-time home buyers and realized that those people spent their time on Zillow, especially during covid. So he started working with Zillow and getting a lot of his leads from there. 

“I am the generator of leads basically, and I’m the one who is answering Zillow calls for the most part…I am the main point of contact, like the initial lead converter. Then my role is to assign it to an agent on my team, but I am always a part of it.” He adds that it is so important to have systems in place to nurture the relationship with potential buyers and sellers, so even if they aren’t ready right now, they will know where to go when they are. 


If you would like to connect with Kyle, you can find him on IG @thekyledraper.